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In the world of today, technology has advanced significantly and has revitalized the entertainment industry. Viewers are now able to enjoy clear videos through their phones and laptops at the comfort of their homes. In addition, marketers have incorporated their advertisements in many videos in the form of pop-ups and commercial breaks. However, there are discussions revolving around the integration of entertainment and shopping together as one. Gurp Rai, a leader with an excellent track record in the field of entertainment, experienced a situation whereby he could not find an item he was shopping for within a certain video. This led him to develop the goal of coming up with shopatainment where viewers would still enjoy their videos while shopping.

Gurp Rai, the founder of droppTV, did his due diligence and realized that many had tried this same idea and failed. However, this did not stop him from pursuing this goal. He works with a team of dedicated individuals who work hard towards accomplishing this goal. Gurps Rai incorporates top-notch technology, including artificial intelligence, to bring about shopatainment across various streaming content. Consumers can purchase their favorite items while still enjoying a show. This brings about flexibility and ease of purchase.

Also, this droppTV has incorporated this combination of entertainment and shopping in music videos which helps in marketing artists and content creators to a wide variety of consumers. This way, both the artist and the content creators can make a decent living without interrupting the music video with unnecessary ads. This breakthrough has caught the attention of notable artists and brands such as COOGI and LG, who have joined the droppTV platform. Also, droppTV has made a notable partnership with Agenda Show which will integrate the shopatainment in its festivals and conferences.

Through the droppTV platform, consumers can point out quality materials and purchase their favorite products. Retailers have learned that consumers are now looking for a different yet amazing shopping experience, and that is what droppTV provides.

The pandemic has brought about many disruptions in the business world. Consumers have shifted towards online buying, which is quick and effective. A consumer can just click a button and get to purchase an item at the comfort of their abode. It is now high time for brands to shift their focus towards this intelligent connection between entertainment and shopping to help them reach their customers and attract new ones as well.