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Hassan Jameel is a prominent Saudi businessman and member of the Jameel family. He is the deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), a multinational company involved in various industries, including automotive, real estate, and renewable energy. In addition to his business ventures, Jameel is a notable philosopher actively engaged in multiple charitable organizations.

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Jameel is renowned in the corporate world for the data-driven and digital strategies he has incorporated at Abdul Latif Jameel. These strategies have proved essential in ensuring the company’s longevity and improving its contributions in this digital age. Jameel oversees ALJ’s domestic ventures and believes expanding its data science team will promote the corporation’s mitigation of various financial, legal, and operational problems.

Hassan Jameel regards data as a vital tool for adapting to market trends, as it can help transform ALJ through digitization. He is implementing strategies to streamline all company areas, emphasizing departments heavily dependent on data analysis, such as customer service. Jameel believes that embracing digitization will enhance ALJ’s overall efficiency and competitiveness. While ALJ had already begun digitizing its operations before the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis significantly accelerated this initiative.

According to Jameel, when choosing which industry to venture into, it is crucial to consider the potential trajectory of that industry over the next 20 years and evaluate the risks involved.

Notable charitable organizations affiliated with Hassan Jameel include the Family Business Council – Gulf (FBCG) and Community Jameel. Applying Jameel’s philanthropic culture, these organizations promote science to develop communities as technology advances. Jameel often uses the Japanese philosophies of Kaizen and Genchi Genbutsu. Kaizen focuses on continuous development, whereas Genchi Genbutsu advocates physically going to the source of a problem for better understanding.

Regarding education, Jameel achieved a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from Sophia University and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from London Business School.