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Dave Atrobus.Since leaving school in 1993, Dave Antrobus has been in various senior roles across business, accounting, and technology. At Queen’s University Belfast, he was Director of Technology for the MBA course, head of CIO for the school of management, and Managing Director of Quantum Information Services and MITSUBISHI Semiconductor Consulting, among others.

As a not-for-profit, Fresh Thinking works with small and medium enterprises and start-ups to help them achieve commercial success. They are fully cognizant that only enterprise-scale growth and profit-making can result in wider social benefit and wider cultural relevance.

Fresh Thinking Group is a collective of early and growth stage businesses, partnering with external partners to achieve rapid growth and sustainable, profitable growth. Dave: At the heart of FTG is our intention to make a business’ strategy 100% internally developed and owned. We drive, test and invest in our businesses to create growth and drive the organisation forward towards that strategy.

What is the Fresh Thinking Group focuses on:

  • Growth in new business and expansions
  • Direct sales growth
  • Debt creation and refinancing
  • Sustainable banking and finance strategies
  • Innovation to minimise risk
  • Purchase and development of technology

Fresh Thinking Group is an active business accelerator and seed capital fund. Dave Antrobus: We grow the business organically by providing investments, partnership and access to industry-leading research. They are also a digital marketing agency that services any business looking to improve their brand image, influence and customer acquisition.

Dave Antrobus: My role within the Fresh Thinking Group is to facilitate, manage and enhance growth, funding and investment. My main role is to make sure that the Fresh Thinking Group business creates a sustainable model of growth, that will allow our businesses to stand on their own two feet as a standalone and growing organization.

The Fresh Thinking Group is a progressive growth-focused consultancy firm. As we grow we support companies in different parts of the business from start-ups through to big brands. We bring together a wide range of expertise to help businesses, from the client’s needs to our team of consultants who can help design and engineer change and take a business to the next level.

Dave Antrobus is a technology expert with a long track record of transforming technological limitations into invaluable business advantages. He is recognised for his ability to seamlessly bridge two distinctly different worlds: the technology world and the finance world.