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Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO of IM Mastery Academy, a company that offers online training goods and services that instruct in-demand Forex trading abilities.

  1. About Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO

Christopher Terry is the co-founder and CEO of Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy. The online supplier of digital education services and goods that impart vital marketing and distribution methods and Forex trading techniques. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder has been a lucrative business owner for more than 20 years. He established his first company at the age of 16, went on to build IM Academy, and then launched several prosperous businesses.

  1. FRX Academy

FRX Academy is a Forex trading e-learning training facility started in 2011 by Chris Terry and his partner John Pixton. FRX Academy offers hundreds of hours of E-Learning learning material and live trading materials that teach Forex Trading skill sets using the most sophisticated educational tools and resources. FRX Academy has been joined by new partners that further complete the education services offering.

  1. HFX Academy

Health FX Academy provides objective and independent content with valuable information regarding the healthcare industry. Health FX Academy has recently launched a free podcast series titled “Health Care Talk” that each month profiles a leading expert in the field of health care. Health FX Academy also has a new special interest group, the Gold Health Forum.

  1. Elite Academy

The Elite Academy package offers over 300 hours of educational material on how to trade the Forex and Futures markets. The Elite Academy is designed for the beginner to intermediate-level trader seeking a complete education package that will take them from opening an account, setting up trading strategies and managing a portfolio.

For those who want to learn at home, Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy provides a full range of goods and services that teach the fundamentals of Forex trading. The most complete educational program in the sector is the Elite Academy bundle. To learn more, go to this page.

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