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Chris Rapczynski is the founder, principal, and president of Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. He has been in estate investing and construction for over 20 years. He owns several assets that range from single-family homes to commercial properties. Sleeping Dog, Inc. is a real estate investment company with holdings in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Sleeping Dog focuses on building high-quality housing communities that offer opportunities for investors and home buyers alike. The company has been expanding its interests as far as Southeast Pennsylvania through Rapczynski’s leadership.


Career Highlights

Rapczynski is an experienced entrepreneur and has been involved in organizing a variety of businesses engaged in marketing, consulting, handling, and management of real estate-related services for their owners. He has been a Construction manager for several companies, including construction management for HP Designs, Heritage Homes, and Centex Homes. He has also been involved in the space industry as a Project manager. Rapczynski has also been involved with several housing syndicates, including being the chairman of the Sussex County Housing Authority.


Awards and Recognition

Chris Rapczynski has been awarded various real estate and business accolades. He was chosen as the Construction Manager of the year by the New Jersey Subcontractors Association. He also achieved outstanding real estate development for the most affordable housing units constructed by a private developer in Sussex County. He also received an award for his community service and leadership, receiving The Charles A. Kuklinski Award for Outstanding Community Service and Leadership from the New Jersey Subcontractors’ Association.

Chris Rapczynski has been able to build success in the real estate business and has been able to use his experience to help other investors succeed in the industry. His business acumen has helped him establish a property portfolio that includes commercial and residential properties. He is an experienced developer and contractor who is currently involved in expanding his company’s portfolio. His company focuses on high-end housing communities that provide home buyers and investors opportunities. Rapczynski serves as the project manager for many of his projects and helps guide each investor into accomplishing their goals efficiently to achieve a successful outcome. His experience has made him a specialist in leading and organizing large-scale real estate projects with multiple investors.