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Mako Medical is a healthcare startup that focuses on providing quality healthcare services, including laboratory testing. The organization develops state-of-the-art technology and has become an industry leader in the last five years for adopting innovation, growth, and offering income opportunities for military veterans. Additionally, Mako is known for its involvement in Christian missionaries.

According to Chad Price, the organization’s CEO, many people have switched to Mako Medical, as his team makes it easy for them. He always encourages his colleagues to focus on details, improve the customer experience and key processes to meet the patients’ unique needs. Under his tenure as the CEO, the firm has developed technology and revolutionized how healthcare services are offered.

Chad points out that most Americans are ready for innovative options in the industry that are unique. The executive admits he has faced numerous obstacles during his career and recently revealed how he overcame them. Like other startups, Mako faced cash flow issues during the early years. The CEO focused on rapid growth and investing in new products and services during the company’s early years.

Currently, the biggest challenge is finding the best talent and hiring them. Mako spends a lot of time and resources trying to identify the best candidates to fill various positions. The company plans to expand and offer its services to rural markets.

Despite various initiatives by the government and non-profit institutions, Chad Price believes many people cannot access quality healthcare. He is also excited by pharmacy services. His company is introducing a program where people can get hundreds of medications for free.

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