William Saito: Work Progress in Venture Capitalism

William Saito was born in March 1971. He is a Japanese-American businessperson and venture capitalist. Saito is also the former adviser to the Japanese government in line with cyber security who resigned from this government position. Having been born in Los Angeles, California, William Saito’s parents immigrated to the United States from Japan in 1969. Saito graduated in 1987 from Damien High School located in La Verne, California. He later attended the University of California, Riverside from 1988 to 1992. At the same time, Saito was a student in Riverside’s joint Biomedical Science program with the University of California in Los Angeles.


William Saito’s career began as a computer security venture while he was at junior high school. Along the way, Saito developed several technologies such as the software that displays Japanese characters in English and a fingerprint recognition software that was embraced by Sony among others. He later sold one of his asset software to Microsoft in 2014 and moved to Japan where he became an active venture capitalist. Here, Saito invested rapidly in many Japanese startups. He was labelled in the World Economic Forum in 2011 as a Young Global Leader. William Saito is an active member of several boards both private and public companies. Saito offers advice to government on various national strategies such as innovations, cybersecurity, education, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, his knowledge does not go to waste since he lectures at universities and moves across the countries giving talks on Abenomics. Along with his career life, William Saito founded an international tech advisory firm that earned him income from the speeches he gave and consulting services.


Saito is a generous man since his incomes did not go into personal expenditure but supported students through a scholarship scheme. Saito feels that Japan has been affected in areas of venture capital, entrepreneurship, business, and innovations among others societal issues. His views are that the women in the society have been underutilized which means that there are many chances that are lost especially in labor force. He is optimistic that many companies will transform and learn to empower and encourage women as well as the younger generations to be resilient and optimistic in life. To add to the same, Saito encourages young minds and adults to begin craving for global exposure and choose to work for companies that build great teams irrespective of diversities in background and experiences.


For him to remain productive in the venture capital business, Saito believes in surrounding himself with globally-minded people, being resourceful in the journey, innovative, and creative enough. With time, they grow into management posts and some working as part owners. Saito’s main work is to empower the individuals at work and creating a good network with the responsive individuals. He invests largely in global markets and he believes in the success of Japan regarding the manufacture of quality products and services that he can invest in future.