NGP VAN: A Leader In Political Campaign Software

The traditional means of political campaigning is changing. Ever since technology was introduced into campaign scene, the way candidates get in front of potential voters has changed forever. Nowadays it is all about data, digital data that is. The Democratic Party heavily uses NGP VAN’s software on the campaign trail. This company’s software was made famous when President Barack Obama was running for president 2008 and 2012.


NGP VAN utilizes technology as a way for political candidates to use both mobile and web efforts to fuel their campaigns when running for office. The company is ran out of Washington, D.C. and is not only a favorite amongst Democrats but the software company is used by political parties in Canada, a number of other organizations and labor unions across the nation.


Using the technology developed by this software company keeps candidates ahead of the game. People are so engrossed and involved in technology today that when a candidate used technology in their campaign, it brigs them closer to getting in front of voter’s eyes. The job of executing a campaign is more thoroughly done with technology. NGP VAN continues to deliver software that satisfies this need for many individuals and organizations.


NGP VAN’s software was a better performing technology for President Obama than other technologies have been in the past and for other candidates. The company’s technology were able to produce knowledge, strategies, digital media, practices and importantly data for the candidate while he was on the campaign trail. The success of the company’s technology is due to very skilled computer programmers that create a seamless application. Programmers make sure the software is compatible to collect millions of voters’ data. The company’s app is able to integrate with other canvassing apps. The company makes sure that when a candidate uses their software, the candidate’s campaign is safe from hacking and data loss. Most of all, political candidates love the convenience this software provides in comparison to traditional paper methods of collecting data. Because of this software company’s technology the world of canvassing for political candidates has forever changed for the better.