Philanthropist, Predictor, and Technologist- Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an expert in the Information Technology industry. He is also known for his prediction of the future in the technology sector. Mr. Jason is also an investor who has invested in the healthcare sector. After his high school graduation, Mr. Jason joined Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in Finance and later an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has been basing his facts on the current technology facts, and he says that the Internet of Things will be the future of technology as several devices will be connected. The Arizona native advice investors as well as individuals to use technology as a way to capitalize their future.

During an interview, Jason was asked what inspired him to start his business, and he said after graduation Hope though the best way to utilize his knowledge was to do something which was related to what he studied from college. Mobile communication inspired him because of its character of reaching a wide range of people. According to Hope, the business was the biggest accelerator of change. He continues to say that even though mobile communication is no longer new in the industry, it has a big room for improvement. How he makes money was another question Jason Hope was asked, and he said he is fortunate to have his technology companies. He first established Jawa a mobile communication firm.

Jason Hope has also been assisting young people through his grant program. It is clear to him that most young people have great business ideas, but they lack the capital to establish business due to the state of the economy. Through his website, he can identify the best intentions, and he helps the group or the individuals to start. When he was asked how he brings ideas into existence, Jason takes things lightly because he has learned that making them complicated leads to discouragement and waste of time. He advises both the young people and investors. For the investors, they should take one project at a time while for the young people they should not concentrate on small details instead they should look at the greater picture. Jason Hope cannot say he has never failed, but he says he does not dwell so much on his failures instead he takes the failures as lessons. Mr. Hope is also a philanthropist who works hard to see his Arizona people prosper.

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Jason Hope Donates $1 Million Towards SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur who has been heavily immersed in technological developments and the impact that they can have on our everyday lives. He has been involved with several well-known projects that have led to the implementation of high scale technology. He has been the backbone of several companies who have put forth good ideas for technological advancement.

Recently, Hope decided to shift his focus from technology to the field of medicine, and the developments of processes that can reverse the signs of aging. The field of anti-aging has recently been seeing a lot of positive developments, which is why Hope saw this as a viable place to invest his money. To Jason Hope, the field of anti-aging isn’t just about altering one’s appearance; it is about improving their lives as a whole. The field has witnessed an incredible amount of positive growth with the introduction of new research methodology and new technology and is on its way to coming out with positive results that can alter the lives that we lead.

To this effect, Hope decided to support an organization known as the SENS Foundation, which is an organization helping researchers who are working to make developments in the field of anti-aging. The organization primarily sends its funds to researchers who are working in the University of Cambridge, who are conducting these kinds of studies. Hope donated $1 million towards the organization and the various endeavors that they are supporting. He hopes that the organization can benefit from the money that he has put in, and in turn be able to offer the people something that can help them combat the signs of aging in the future.

Jason has always been about implementing things that can benefit people. He is also an active advocator of the Internet of Things, which is a theory that in the future, everything that one has to use will be connected to one server, that will help operate all the technology that we use. The theory of the Internet of Things has been one that is surrounded in controversy for a long time, but Hope believes that it something that can benefit the lives that we lead and the everyday functions that we partake in. Through his numerous entrepreneurial ventures, he supported ideas and companies that are also moving along similar viewpoints and coming out with technology that can move towards a better implementation of the Internet of Things.

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