Sean Penn’s New Adventure – Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Celebrities don’t have to just retire after their acting career. Some of them have shown that it is possible for them to pursue their hobbies and bring name and fame at the same time. After all, they are entering a different phase in life and into what they hope will be a long beneficial transition. Take for example, Sean Penn who is an acclaimed actor in the Hollywood industry and who has bagged many awards and recognition since more than three decades. Now that he is away doing things that he always wanted to do – writing – he seems to enjoy the phase as a writer which he clearly indicates in his recent interview to Vogue magazine.


Nothing would ever be accomplished if every controversy or accusation turned into a war, says Sean Penn in his interview. When the host asks about his friendship with Late Venezuelan President and controversy regarding his reaction to #MeToo movement, it seems he has nothing to hide. A good outcome is when all agree to a result. This outcome can be reconciled. Unfortunately, not every person you meet believes in this theory, according to Penn. Penn says he has experienced situations where he could not get his acting career moving forward in the past couple of years. Like he said, nothing is worse than a job, at any level of performance, that is stuck at some point. That is exactly what Penn is going through and trying to avoid.


Nevertheless, Sean Penn has his own rule of thumb when dealing with adversities in life. He says making peace with what you believe in is the utmost thing every person needs to have in order to be successful. Prior to discussing his new novel, he talks about how he overcame anxiety in this respect and how he is doing after his retirement from Hollywood. Sean Penn’s new novel titled “”Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” shows his creativity in writing as well as how he spends his free time. This novel is about a fictional character who leads a double life as a skilled labor and hired killer.