Rocketship Education Network Prepares Children for their Future

Rocketship Education, or RSED for short, is a network of charter schools which are operating non-profit. The headquarters are located in Redwood City, California. It is currently at the forefront of charter school network for elementary education. Rocketship Education opened its doors to students in 2007. The collaborative founder has a background in education. Mr. Preston Smith has been a teacher, director of schools, and principal, among else.

The schools of Rocketship Education use a learning model that incorporates a blend of books and software to make sure that students receive the best of both worlds and increase their achievements. The schools of Rocketship Education have the goal of establishing communities of teachers and students, as well as parents. The community is a core value at the charter schools of Rocketship Education.

Something impressive about the schools of Rocketship Education is the return rate. For the school year of 2015 -2016, the return rate was astonishing. As much as (0% of the students stepped once more through the doors of Rocketship Education to spend another year at the charter schools. Considering every child has s pot reserved for them at regular schools, it serves as a testimonial to the quality of education and environment of Rocketship Education charter schools.

There are a number of reasons for the high return rate of students. For instance, according to a study, students at Rocketship Education are up to one year ahead of their peers in terms of assimilated academic material. That means that the alumni of Rocketship Education are ahead of schedule for learning. They are very likely to have a much higher GPA over the course of their years in middle school and high school, as well as in their higher education.

One of the most significant goals that schools of the Rocketship Education network strive to achieve every day is to prepare their students for the next stage of their education – middle school. The transition from elementary to middle school is very tough on the young ones. So many things change about their lives that they are overwhelmed and scared. Most children experience a significant loss of confidence especially if the adjustment period does not go smoothly.