JHSF Prospers Under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

The real estate sector is quite lucrative. Nevertheless, for an organization to prosper, what matters most is the quality of leadership that is present. Well, regarding the real estate sector, JHSF will be the company placed in the limelight today. For those who do not know about JHSF, this is a Brazilian company that deals in real estate. The company was founded courtesy of a partnership between two brothers; Fabio Auriemo Neto and his sibling Jose Auriemo Neto. Initially, the company only dealt with construction. Afterwards, business was picking up, and the two brothers decided to upgrade the company to a real estate firm.

Background Information

As a company that was founded in 1972, JHSF has been able to grow tremendously since the year it was established. Although JHSF started out by dealing in construction only, the decision to also venture in real estate proved to be worth it. Jose Auriemo Neto pioneered the move. By indulging in various commercial deals, JHSF was also contracted to work on multiple commercial deals.

About the Leadership of JHSF

Well, there are always challenges everywhere even in business. As for JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto and his brother entered into a disagreement, and they had to part ways. Jose Auriemo Neto was left to handle JHSF while his brother Fabio Neto was left to handle JHSJ which was formed after the disagreement between the two. After the split, Jose Neto was left to lead JHSF on his own. Since Jose Neto was well equipped with proper managerial skills, JHSF was able to maintain its reputation as a leader in the Brazilian real estate sector. Additionally, Jose Neto was commended by the various clients that he had dealt with over the years since JHSF guaranteed customer satisfaction under his tenure.


In business, there are always various challenges. As for JHSF, the disagreement between Jose Auriemo Neto and his brother was the major challenge that posed a risk to the organization. Nevertheless, the two brothers worked everything out, and they parted ways by leaving Jose Neto to handle JHSF, whereas Fabio Neto was left to lead JHSJ, another company that was launched after the dispute between the two. All in all, the disagreement never affected JHSF as much since the organization has been able to stay at the top as a renowned real estate company in Brazil.


Boraie Development, Making Its First Strides in Over Four Decades

It has been a long time coming for Boraie Development. Boraie, a company created by Omar Boraie in 1972, has served its clients diligently by offering high-end construction solutions to the global audience. The institution, having focused its services on the urban real estate market, has been able to accomplish some amazing things.



Indeed, says centraljerseyworkingmoms.com, the global property segment has never been the same again since Boraie Development got created. So, what are some of the things that have made the corporation tick? Boraie, since its inception, has worked with some of the best builders and contractors in the world. The Development partner, all thanks to its alliances, has been able to reach places only a few institutions in its niche have been able to conquer.



For instance, Boraie Development has since made a significant comeback with the realization of the Shaq Towers. The building is unlike anything you have ever seen, a masterpiece creation of the one and only Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal, as you are aware, is one of the wealthiest ex-athletes having made a fortune as a basketball player.



O’Neal’s plan from the very beginning has been to transform Newark, his hometown, something he has recently accomplished after constructing the Shaq Towers. Like I said, Shaq Towers is a real masterpiece that has placed Boraie Development on the global cartogram. The project which cost a whooping seventy-nine million dollars is currently the talk of the town since the building hosts over a hundred state-of-the-art market-rate apartments.



According to WSJ, Shaquille’s move to transform Newark has gotten welcomed by many. Boraie Development, the Governor, and Mayor among other dignitaries have thanked Mr. O’Neal for never forgetting his roots. Shaq Towers might be up and running but Mr. O’Neal still has greater plans to his hometown.



Boraie Development and Shaquille are planning on another project, a one hundred and fifty million dollar undertaking that will transform McCarter Highway in more ways than one. The project which is already on the track gets set to grind to a halt come 2019. For sure, the management at Boraie Development including Wasseem Boraie feels confident that all will go well. Recall, Boraie has been working closely with the city’s planning department and so getting all the right approvals will be a walk in the park.



A company that has been in existence for decades is now making all the right moves because of partnering with the deep-pocketed Shaquille O’Neal.





How Todd Lubar Sees Baltimore As Thriving

As someone with deep experience in Baltimore’s real estate industry, Todd Lubar says that unbeknownst to many people who just read news about this city there are a lot of positive things going on. Todd Lubar says that there is a lot of exciting real estate projects going on in Charm City as well as new businesses being opened all the time. One of the bigger trends he has noticed is that many older buildings in Baltimore, including historic landmarks, are being upgraded and repurposed as condos and apartments. These really appeal to millennials who are attracted to this city’s lower living expenses as compared to other cities in the area.

Because of all the young professionals moving to Baltimore Todd Lubar says that it is a great city to start a new company in. There are a lot of entrepreneurs in this city and the citizens of this city support their own. The biggest successful company in Baltimore is Under Armour and there are many mid-sized firms as well. Because of this there are full-service housing communities that are in demand located closely to the business districts.

In addition to real estate, Todd Lubar has extensive experience with credit and financing. Right after he graduated from Syracuse University he found a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked there for a number of years before joining Legacy Financial Group. He was once the senior vice president at Charter Funding but he left this company in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 recession. You can visit his about.me page.

Todd Lubar now owns his own company called TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He developed a family of loan products that he sells to his clients. He says that he starts off his days with his kids and then takes them to school. He gets caught up on the news one he reaches his office and then prioritizes his day. He says that being an entrepreneur means doing hard work and putting plans into action. Beyond his business pursuits he enjoys traveling and playing golf as his two main hobbies. You can follow their Twitter page.

Todd Lubar and the Heart for Easy Community Loans

Todd Lubar credits the need to relief customers in credit and finance loans by helping them realize their dreams as the basis of founding TDL Global Ventures. Todd notes that being updated daily with what happens in his industry sets a priority tone and gain a clear perspective. To actualize his life he believes that a good combination of will and experience in mortgage banking in coming up with entrepreneur ideas. Todd keeps himself organized and updated on all concepts of his business.

He believes in surrounding himself with influential and trustworthy people who can challenge him to more growth.

According to LinkedIn, as an entrepreneur, hard work is what makes one attain his goals and develop a bigger vision. Together with developing a culture of trust and open and honest communication are a crucial point in any business. Todd advice to those in housing is that there is always a space that is left unexploited rising out of the need to be updated with current housing information.

Todd recommends that people should read ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ so that one can learn how to maximize the value of time spent with family, community and at the workplace. The book by David Schwartz challenges people to think big and raise their self-expectation levels by thinking in an all-round way about one’s life. Check out Patch to see more.

Todd Lubar serves as the president of a real estate business company called TDL Global Ventures, and also as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. Todd believes in daily value addition of oneself which in turn enables one to add value to others that a person interacts with. This includes his wife and two children in Bethesda, Maryland.

Todd uses liquidity of properties in helping borrowers. His belief in constant value addition can be seen from the since he moved from working in the mortgage to the demolition industry. He started as a loan originator before becoming the leader he currently is. He was a top 25 loan originators for a long while. Todd Lubar has progressed through refining his skills in the industries he has worked in, having contact with experts from different sectors, and experience in the mortgage industry.

Read more: https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-explains-current-real-estate-trends-baltimore

Jose Auriemo Neto leads JHSF to a more than $1 billion valuation

Over the course of the last 50 years, Brazil has grown from a sleepy third-world country into one of the most dynamic and thriving places in all of Latin America. Over this time, the rapid development of the country has been largely attributable to the companies that have allowed for the creation of one of the most dynamic economies in the Southern hemisphere. Today, Brazil has some of the most sought-after developments anywhere on the globe, making it a trendy destination for the global jet-setting elite.

One of the most important companies in the transformation of Brazil has been JHSF. After taking over as CEO at the company in 2001, Jose Auriemo Neto, the company’s chief executive officer, has been able to continue to grow the company at a phenomenal rate. After overseeing JHSF Participacaoes’ IPO in 2007, Auriemo Neto has been able to drive the stock price to well above $1 billion, make it one of the most valuable real estate development firms in all of Latin America.

Under his leadership, the company has undertaken some of the most ambitious projects that the country has ever seen. These have included such projects as the Parque Cidade Jardim and the General Motors Brazilian Proving Grounds. The latter project represents one of the largest automotive testing facilities in all of Latin America. It has created over 100,000 new jobs for the citizens of Sao Paulo state and has acted as a significant source of economic development and activity.

The Parque Cidade Jardim project is one of the largest luxury developments in the history of the country. With nine high-rise condominium towers, four Class A office space towers and one of the largest luxury shopping centers in the country, featuring more than 180-stores and Luis Vuitton, Reebok Academy and a Cinemark mega-theater, project has proven to be an enormous success, with all units selling out before construction was even completed.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which Auriemo Neto has led JHSF Participacaoes on to become one of the most significant luxury real estate developers in the country of Brazil. Under his leadership, the company’s future looks bright.