Testing Hair Product for a Week

Wen by ChazĀ  (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) is one of those hair products that just about everyone has heard of, as there is a huge amount of hype surrounding the highly rated conditioner. WEN has a great reputation, has a ton of mainstream media attention, complete with a ton of celebrity endorsement, and is without question considered to be one of the top hair products on the market. The reputation that Wen by Chaz Dean has garnished, led Emily McClure to take on a one week challenge of her own, where she would use the hair products for seven days straight and track her results, as originally reported on Bustle.

After using the Sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner on her hair for the first time, which she considers fairly thin and tends to fall out in the shower, she said that she noticed her hair felt a lot fuller, but that later on in the day it felt a bit greasy. Her results were mixed throughout the week, but on the days that she said her hair did not feel the best, she states that she was in a rush, or simply did not get out of bed in time to take a shower and let the product do its work. On days where she got up early and used the product, she said that she would get compliments on her hair, that it felt a lot fuller, and that there was a clear amount of additional shine and bounce to her hair. These are things that she really liked about the product, but she ended up making the decision that she would only use Wen in the future on certain days when she wanted added volume and shine. In essence, it is now her go to when she wants that added boost, but that it won’t be her daily conditioner.