Securus Technologies Key in Helping Fugitive Hunters

We received the word that a very dangerous fugitive was on the loose in our city, and it was time to put everything aside to bring this person into custody before anyone else was hurt. Knowing this was his hometown, he had plenty of familiar faces that would be willing to harbor him and keep him from being caught easily. With shelter, cash, drugs, and transportation, it would be harder for us to be able to get our suspect using conventional methods.


The trouble we had with this suspect was that not only was the town afraid of him and would not talk for fear of retribution, his close network of family and friends were shielding him from the authorities. This was not going to be a case where informants would give us that lead which would put us in the same location as the fugitive, but we did know who might be will to talk. Back at the local prison, the inmates knew our suspect well. Not only did he have friends and family in jail, he had enemies. We made it clear when we arrived who we were hunting for, and no one had anything to say.


Knowing the jail was equipped with the call monitoring system from Securus Technologies, we knew as soon as these inmates ran to the phones, we would be able to start collecting evidence. Securus Technologies is in 2,500 jails and the company objective is making the world safe, we planned to put that to the ultimate test. Hours later, we heard a conversation between an inmate and his friend, and they were discussing our fugitive. Seems that this fugitive owed someone a large sum of money, and he wanted to send someone to collect. We sent a team instead to intercept the meeting and arrest the suspect.


The Role Securus Technologies Plays In The Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides products and services to law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. They were founded in 1986 and the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with additional offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas as well as a call center in Atlanta, Georgia. They are the leading provider of correctional facilities technology in the nation with over 2,600 facilities under contract across the nation. They also have contracts with correctional facilities in Canada and Mexico.

It was in 2004 that Securus Technologies was formed as the result of a merger between two leading prison facility technology companies, T-Netix and Evercom. The company is led by Richard, or Rick, Smith who has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company since June 2008. Securus Technologies is a privately held company with one of their biggest technologies being phone monitoring of calls between the people in prison and the outside world. They also have technology that can ferret out contraband cell phones that are being used by inmates in the correctional facility.

Rick Smith has said that his company on average releases one new technology every week that is being used by law enforcement and correctional facilities to protect the public from crime. Securus Technologies receives a lot of feedback from their clients on how these technological tools and services are being used with the vast majority saying that they find these indispensable.

In a recent release of customer comments, several commented on how the tools and services of Securus Technologies have led to preventing and solving crimes. One letter describes how their tools led to the discovery of a large contraband trade going on at one correctional facility that included cell phones, alcohol, and drugs that were being used by a number of inmates.



Big Accolades For Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has opened a call center that deals with a high volume of calls – approximately 25 million call them with questions on a regular basis. At this center, the staff is experienced and trained, and they provide information that is necessary to all of these people. In order to have this ability, the company worked diligently with the Better Business Bureau.


As they strove for success with the BBB, they were pleased that they reached the highest rating, which is an A+. In order to achieve this extraordinary honor, they have to meet several requirements. Some of them were privacy, trust, integrity and honesty. The pride that they feel is evident, because it is difficult to reach the highest rating with the BBB.


They have also been recognized as the largest facility provider. They deal with the public’s safety on a regular basis, and this is a very important and serious matter.


Securus Technologies deals with both the criminal and civil sides of justice. Because of their expertise and recognition in their field, the government contracts them to service their facilities. The company deals with approximately 1,2 million inmates every year, and they handle a variety of public safety issues. Known all over the world, and servicing North America, Securus Technologies is the leader in its field. They are moving forward on a steady basis, creating new and innovative ways to keep the public safe on a weekly basis. They will see great success in the future.

Securus Technologies Clarifies GTL’s Negative Claims

Securus Technologies, Inc is among the most popular providers of government information management systems, parolee tracking, and detainee communications. Securus serves up to 2,600 correctional centers in 45 states in Columbia, Mexico, and Canada and over 1,000,000 inmates across the country. A renowned leader in providing innovative and comprehensive technical solutions and customer service, Securus’ main focus is addressing the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities. Securus has four regional branches in the metro area of Dallas and one in Atlanta with its central office in Dallas, Texas.



GTL is one of Securus’ main competitors. On June 7, 2016, GTL issued a press release containing statements regarding Securus that were both inaccurate and misleading. In a press release on June 9, 2016, Securus aimed to clear its name and clarify some of the incorrect claims by GTL.



Claims by GTL and Securus’ Corrections



Some of the main statements by GTL that Securus sought to clarify in its press release are as follows:



One of the claims by GTL was that the U.S. patent trial and appeals board permitted it to seek damages and injunctions against Securus. According to Securus, the federal court case is stayed, therefore, GTL cannot seek relief. With regard to the validation of the 816 patent, Securus is pursuing a rehearing on the matter and as a result the 816 patent has not been validated. In this case GTL cannot seek damages or an injunction.



GTL claims that Securus has adopted a behavior of filing law suits and settling with competitors. GTL further asserts that Securus is combining vague accusations and new claims on media to pressurize it to settle on terms that are only favorable to Securus. According to Securus, they have a rich history of making mutually beneficial agreements and financial arrangements with companies they conflict with. This includes license deals with GTL. However, GTL has chosen to spend money on court battles over patents ignoring the fact that Securus’ patent metrics are better than GTL’s metrics.

Securus Technologies Earns Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

For businesses both large and small, the need for positive reviews, good public relations, and good word of mouth is very important. Just as important is positive information from unbiased third party organizations that provide information to consumers. One of the most well known third party providers of information regarding businesses is the Better Business Bureau.


For many decades, the Better Business Bureau has been an excellent source of information for consumers concerning the level of customer service and business performance that is provided by companies. The Better Business Bureau does not align itself with any companies that it provides information about and the companies are not required to supply information to the Better Business Bureau.


Recently Securus Technologies received accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Receiving the recognition from the Better Business Bureau as an accredited company with an A+ rating is an important achievement for Securus Technologies. The recognition from the Better Business Bureau lets consumers know that Securus Technologies is a company that can be looked at to provide a level of service and support that the Better Business Bureau considers good.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides various services and products such as incident management , emergency assistance, analysis, communication, and information administration. The company offers its products and services to a variety of agencies that includes community safety, prison facilities, and law.


Securus technologies has standards in place that meet or exceed the standards levels required by the Better Business Bureau related to customer service and business performance. In addition, Securus Technologies trains its employees regarding good customer service and performance techniques.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides products and services in a competitive industry. I think that the accreditation and A+ rating that the company recently received from the Better Business Bureau will help the company in a variety of ways.