Beneful Offers a Variety of Nutritious Dog Food and Treats

If you think nutrition is important, you will be thankful to have Beneful dog food and treats to feed your pooch. Beneful offers many options of flavor and texture to keep your dog happy and healthy. Beneful will help your dog live a long life.

Some dogs prefer a crunchy dry dog food to feast on. This Purinastore manufactures product has just the right dog food for this type of eater. They offer dry food with the following real meat mixed in with the dog food: beef, chicken, egg and salmon. Beneful also makes dry dog food specially designed for your puppy, and also one for your older dog who needs to watch their weight.

Other digs like to eat wet dog food. Beneful has just the right combination for this dog too. They offer Incredibites, which consists of a variety of flavorful meats mixed with real vegetables. Feed your dog beef with carrots and wild rice; turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach; chicken, liver, peas, wild rice and sweet potatoes; lamb, brown rice, carrots, spinach and tomatoes; chicken tomatoes and wild rice; beef, carrots, rice and spinach; salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; and beef, carrots peas and barley.

Beneful also cares about your dog’s teeth. They posted a Youtube video on dogs enjoying this treats. They make a product called Healthy Smiles Dental Ridges, that are designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from tarter build up. Dental Ridges are made in small, medium and large sizes.

Baked Treats are another treat Beneful makes to keep your dog happy and healthy. Baked delights also comes in a variety of flavors: Apply flavored filling and real bacon; beef and cheese; peanut butter and cheese; bacon and cheese; and chicken and cheese.

Regardless if your dog likes dried food, wet food, treats to clean their teeth or treats to reward them, they will love all of Beneful’s products. Try them today online ( and your dog will beg for more.