Marc Beer is planning to Eradicate Floor Disorders through Innovative Methods

Marc Beer is championing an organization that will play a critical role in eradicating floor disorders in the United States and other parts of the world. The experienced startup leader is currently working at Renovia Inc. as one of the co-founders of the medical technology company. His background shows that he has significantly worked with other medical and pharmaceutical organizations that are all geared towards eradicating and minimizing rare diseases. This means that he has the necessary experience and know-how to mitigate some of the critical challenges that face a significant number of medical institutions that are developing new drugs.


After working in a significant number of medical facilities and pharmaceutical institutions, it is clear that Marc has the technical expertise of how a company can develop and implement various policies that would help it to develop and commercialize particular drugs. It is worth noting that developing a drug to treat a specific disorder is not an easy task as it involves accumulating much knowledge while at the same time conducting thousands of diagnostic measures to determine the effectiveness of the drug. A drug must prove that it can be able to solve the challenges that individuals are experiencing without leaving a trace of side effects.


Marc is not only working to influence the development of his organization but is working to ensure that his company meets all the necessary regulatory needs that other bodies require drug manufacturing companies to comply. It is evident that a drug cannot be allowed for commercialization and marketing without meeting the necessary health standards. Food and Drug Administration is a regulatory body in the United States that measures the authenticity of drugs and other products that are produced by various organizations for human consumption. Currently, the agency has already approved for mass production and commercialization of Leva, one of the products being developed by Renovia Inc.


Like any other organization that is starting its operations, Renovia Inc. is facing severe financial challenges. The company intends to get funds that will be used in conducting diagnostic tests and other medical analysis so that it can develop drugs that will have a direct positive impact on the floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency, a disease that is currently affecting more than 250 million women on a global scale.


However, all indications show that Renovia Inc. will be realizing its goals soon after Marc Beer performed what many business owners cannot do within a short period; raising $ 42 million. The experienced medical technology expert was able to raise $ 32 million from various organizations such as Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and Longwood Fund, which are some of the organizations that share the vision of Renovia Inc. the remaining $10 million was raised through a venture debt. Learn more :

Chainsmoker’s single ‘Side Effects’ stars ‘Riverdale’ actress.

Camilla Mendes lenders her trendy moves to the video for The Chainsmokers’ new dance pop single, “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren. Mendes’ character receives a call telling that she’d have to work through the weekend. Unhappy, she does what any self-respected, overworked hospitality worker really wants to do, rebel by breaking into dance. The star is seen dancing throughout the hotel, making every corridor her stage with the Chainsmokers’ single as her back beat. A seemingly liberating jump into the pool, closes out the video as she leaves work.

In her defense, the funky, upbeat, electro-pop single would send anyone straight to the dance floor in a frenzy. ‘Side Effects’ was released two years after their hit ‘Closer’ and is the duos fifth single release of 2018. It’s sure to follow the success of their many singles and is just a catching as they come. The single describes going places that you shouldn’t, its side effects and the lessons that times should’ve taught you.

The American duo consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, first broke into the music scene in 2014 with their single “Selfie”. They become a household name with their Grammy Award winning single “Don’t Let Me Down” that became their first single to hit the top 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Followed by their single “Closer”. It was their first number one single on the charts, winning them numerous awards including seven Billboard Music Awards and two American Music Awards.

The Chainsmokers have a list of shows scattered throughout North and South America for the remainder of the year including Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver. The Duo will close out 2018 at Canada’s Contact Festival. Which lists this years lineup with an array of talent and features Skrillex and The Chainsmokers as it headliners for Dec.28-29.