How Bad Articles Can Be Pushed Down in Search Results

Any company can find itself the target of bad press for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s caused by a dispute with a customer that wasn’t handled in the most optimal way. At other times, negative news about a company can appear online after they made a mistake, such as accidentally shipping out incomplete products or running a promotion whose terms weren’t clear enough for consumers.

One of the main problems with online articles is that they generally stay visible whenever a person searches for a company on Google, even if the problem which caused the bad press in the first place has long since been rectified.

The impacts of negative online press on businesses can be quite bad. According to research published by Moz, a company can potentially lose as many as 22% of potential customers if a single negative article is found by shoppers who are deciding whether or not to use their products or services. With three negative articles, the chance of losing customers goes up to 59.2%.

If a company has been the target of negative press on the Internet, there are solutions. Providers of online reputation management services can help bad articles get pushed down in search results, reducing the chances that a potential customer will see them.

Reputation management firms bury bad news by putting together positive press campaigns. They have positive articles about a company and their products written, then distribute them through various news aggregators, press release websites, industry blogs and social media pages. As search engines tend to rank the most recent news articles about a company higher, this results in the negative press progressively decreasing in search engine rankings.

One company that can help businesses bury negative press is called Bury Bad Articles. While they’re a relative newcomer to the reputation management industry, the quality and efficiency of their services has made them very popular with those who want bad press about them to lose its online prominence. Their specialists create a custom action plan for each client that involves promoting positive content about them. As soon as their first positive postings appear, they will start to bury negative search results, eventually relegating them to a spot several pages deep in search results.

Every new client of their receives a free quote for their reputation management campaign. The team at Bury Bad Articles stands by the quality of their services and offers a 100% guarantee. Any business missing out on sales because of bad articles and reviews can greatly benefit from the services they provide.