How to Choose the EOS Lip Balm Flavor that’s Right for You

When you browse the selection of EOS lip balm flavors, you might initially feel a bit overwhelmed. With so many delicious flavors to choose from, how are you supposed to decide? Don’t worry! When you know just what you’re looking for, it’s actually quite easy to choose the right lip balm for you. Here’s a helpful guide to help you figure out exactly what you need.

Are you Looking for a Fresh, Fruity Flavor?

According to, when you buy lip balm, do you typically go for the fruity flavors like cherry and strawberry? If you do, you’ll probably want one of the fruit-flavored products. You can buy citrus flavors like lemon twist and tangerine, as well as refreshing summer melon flavors like grapefruit and honeysuckle honeydew.

EOS also offers blended fruit flavors like blueberry acai and pomegranate raspberry. If you prefer summery or exotic fruits, you might like the summer fruit or passion fruit flavors. And the blackberry nectar flavor offers the tangy flavor of blackberry juice.

Looking for Something Refreshing?

Instead of fruity flavors, do you prefer cool, refreshing tastes that leave your mouth feeling minty fresh? If that’s the case, you might prefer the sweet mint lip balm. You might also like the vanilla mint balm for a little extra flavor. And for a truly unique and exotic experience, the coconut milk flavor is the ultimate in soothing lip balms.

Do you Prefer Sweets?

If you’re looking for a sweet taste, EOS offers a strawberry sorbet flavor. With this Amazon available lip balm, you’ll feel cool and refreshed like you just ate a bowl of ice cream. The sweet mint and vanilla mint flavors also provide a hint of sweetness. You’ll even find sweet undertones in the fruity flavors, although the focus is on the fruit.

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