Norka Luque’s Music is Full of Hope

It’s not often that Emilio Estefan Jr., Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, and Hermanos Gaitán, get excited when they hear an artist sing. But when that group heard Norka Luque sing for the first time, they knew she was going to be a star. The men were so impressed that Norka was signed to a record deal. Her single, Milagro, is a hit in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Milagro raced up the Latin Music Billboard Dance Charts like it was on fire. Milagro is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean vibes, and Mediterranean flair.


Norka’s musical career didn’t start with recording Milagro. She has been singing for more than 20 years. The road to meeting Estefan, Pena, and the other composers was an interesting, but a difficult one. Artists that make it to the top don’t arrive at that destination overnight. Norka started singing at age eight, in Venezuela. Her parents moved to Florida so she could study voice and piano while she attended middle and high school. The Luque’s encouraged their daughter to go to France to get a business degree. Norka did that. She earned a degree in business, fashion design, and the culinary arts. When she wasn’t studying, she was the lead singer in a funky group called, “Bad Moon Rising.” Norka’s voice kept the dance floor full in the dingy French clubs. But she didn’t make enough money to live, so she got a job in Monte Carlo’s financial district.


Ricky Martin had an impact on Norka’s career in 2007. She went to a Martin concert, and she knew she had to go home to Florida and sing again. When she got a job in Miami as a nightclub singer, things started to happen. Her name was mentioned in Latin music recording studios in Miami, and eventually, Estefan heard her name. It only took one recording session for Estefan to sign her to a record deal.


Suddenly, Norka Luque’s name was mentioned on Latin music radio stations. In 2011, she was nominated for the Latin music female vocalist of the year award. Her career was red hot, and her record was being played in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Her 2016 hit Tomorrowland is another crossover hit. Tomorrowland brings the message of hope to the people that need it. All of Norka’s music is positive and filled with hope. Norka spread love through her music.