Cotemar- A Leading Force In The Energy Industry

The history of Cotemar, a company that provides services to the oil and gas industry, is impressive. Cotemar offers a variety of services to the public. Based in Mexico, Cotemar’s services are just as extensive as its history. They provide oil field development, maritime support services, and transportation services for oil vessels.


Operations began in 1979. Initially, the company was established to provide support for the growing energy sector. The small company quickly began gaining credibility in the business, as the services it rendered started growing. In 1985, Cotemar acquired its first rig to be used for oil and gas services. The rig not only provided the essential services that it was set out to do, but it also offered food accommodations to all on board.


Jump forward 9 years later, in 1996, Cotemar continues to strengthen its presence in the industry. Additional services are offered by the company, helping it gain its stronghold that it had desperately been yearning for. By 1996, Cotemar has established itself as a leader in the industry. By this time the company has five rigs and three dedicated vessels running simultaneously.


The following ten years continued to bring substantial growth to the company. In 2012, Cotemar teamed up with COSCO to install rigs that could submerge underwater. The two companies also teamed up to design specialized cranes that allow solid and liquid materials to be transported. Cotemar has continued to grow since its founding.


In 2016, a subsidiary company of Cotemar was awarded an incredibly large contract. Construction is still commenced on the newly awarded deal. Cotemar, which was once a small company that set out to help the oil and energy sector is now becoming one of its most profound leaders. Offering a wide array of services, and continuously expanding its role in the energy industry, Cotemar is sure to become a household name soon.

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