Jose’ Borghi, a Brazilian Advertising Mogul

Jose’ Borghi is the Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, an American advertising communications network located in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Borghi is recognized and acknowledged as an influential figure in the rapidly growing Brazilian advertising industry. He has created a number of highly influential advertising campaigns that have done well over the years. These advertisements include Mammal Parmalat, an advertisement that featured children dressed in outfits similar to stuffed animals and sung memorable tunes as well as the Sazoon campaign that entailed Luciano and Zeze di Carmago hit song, ‘It’s love’. These advertisements were amazing and they are still recalled to date.

Beginning of Borghi’s success journey

Borghi’s success started from a point of doubt. He was unable to figure out what career to pursue basing on his interest and passion. While studying in high school, Borghi was invited by his sister to the Cannes Neves Theater to watch a presentation that focused on awarding commercial Vts that had managed to win different awards during the Cannes Film Festival. This invitation to the presentation was aimed at assisting José decide on what to do with his own life. At the end of the show, Borghi was very inspired and he knew that advertising was the way to go for his lifelong career. However, he could not foresee that in the future he would win an amazing award at Cannes.

Establishment of Mullen Lowe Agency

Jose Borghi was born and raised in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUC Campinas where he managed to graduate with great grades in marketing and advertising. In 1989, José Borghi began his very first job at Standard Ogivilty Agency. With outstanding and extensive skills in advertising, he raised the bar and began working with prominent and leading advertising agencies such as Talent, FCB, LZo Burnett and DM9/DDB. With similar dreams and ambition, Jose Borghi and Erh Ray partnered to establish BorghiErh from scratch. Through hard work and commitment, the two partners managed to lead the firm in the best way and eventually brought lots of success. With impressing returns, BorghiErh was bought by Lowe and officially changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2006. Since then, Borghi Lowe gained further recognition in both the domestic and global markets. Recently, Borghi Lowe consolidated with Mullen Group along with Lowe$ Partners to form Mullen Lowe Brasil, an amazing ad agency at


From the beginning of his promising career, José has managed to achieve lots of success. Some of the notable accolades he has won for Brazilian advertising include 15 Awards from April Advertising and 14 Cannes Award among others.