Great Benefits enjoyed through partnering with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a company that offers a platform to individuals enabling them to work from home and at their convenience regarding their free hours. It provides a chance to everyone to have a successful sustainable career. It provides necessary training and offers support to its members. Members of Traveling Vineyard gain their experience and education through various platforms ensured by company.

A serene working environment is ensured as those working have a chance to choose where they wish to work. It is advantageous as one does not need to commute to and from work. Regular distractions that are more likely to be experienced in an office are not experienced depending on one chooses to work from! This is also an excellent platform for the starters as minimal initial capital is required in being part of Traveling Vineyard.

How Traveling Vineyard Operates

It is pretty easy being part of Traveling Vineyard wine guide. The only requirement is the purchase of a Success Kit that has everything required for one to get started. Order forms, brochures, and materials needed for marketing are some of the things contained in the kit. Other things contained in the kit are wine glasses, bags for carrying wine, and decanters.

Two sets of tasting need also to be bought for the two parties since they are quite vital. The tasting ensures awareness of wine to the parties who most likely gives an order. The individual makes the initial investment at work who later benefits after the brand has had customers and orders start flowing in. Traveling Vineyard gives a commission of 15 to 35 percent which is purely determined by the sales made in a given month. The company also gives a 20 percent discount to its members whenever they purchase their products. Recruiting others to be part of Traveling Vineyard wine guides also earns both the recruit and the one who referred them some bonus. Every wine guide has their website of which for the initial three months is free. Therefore, if you are looking for an amazing adventure, look no more! Enroll with Traveling Vineyard, and they will make your investment worthwhile!

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