The Recent Funding of Eric Lefkofsky’s Company

Recently, a very important company that is fighting the good fight against cancer was awarded a significant amount of funding. The company is called Tempus.

More About Tempus

Tempus has a mission in which they strive hard for the betterment of people’s lives when it comes to devastating cancer. Being frustrated with the fact that many medical facilities didn’t use data-enriched tools that are beneficial for patients with cancer, Tempus took upon themselves to use a data-enriched tool called genomic sequencing for cancer patients. Their mission includes redefining genomic data usage in a clinical setting. Tempus also has a goal in which every patient would benefit from the treatment of previous patients by offering them doctors with techniques to learn as they gather additional data.

The CEO and Co-founder

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He is an American businessman who tremendously became interested in relative cancer issues especially when a loved one of his was diagnosed with cancer. Lefkofsky is originally from a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. His alma mater is the University of Michigan wherever earned a bachelor of art degree in 1991 in which he graduated with honors, and he earned his JD degree.

More About the Recent Round of Funding Awarded

In March of this year, Tempus gained an additional $80 million in funding that was led by T. Rowe Price. With this additional funding, Tempus can more aggressively fight the good fight against cancer. They can expand by hiring additional staff in the city of Chicago, especially in the tech and data fields. With this company just opening in 2015, they already have been hiring around 30 additional employees each month with the previous round of funding they’ve raised that amounted to $70 million. With these new endeavors from a worthwhile company that just opened a few years ago, the future is looking even more optimistic and hopeful from people suffering from cancer, their loved ones, and even more jobs for the city of Chicago.

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Essential Details Pertaining Medicare Advantage Plans and Physician Practice Services

Medicare Advantage entails medical insurance coverage, which targets individuals who are eligible for Medicare as well as senior citizens. Private companies provide this type of medical plans instead of the federal government. Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans, Special Needs Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service Plans and Preferred Provider Organizations are some of the common types of Medicare Advantage Plans at

Although the Medicare Advantage plans are commonly referred to as Part C, they offer Part A as well as Part B medical coverage except for hospice care. Part A involves hospital insurance whereas Part B entails medical insurance. However, some of the plans offer Part D coverage, the prescription drug coverage.

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage Plans with InnovaCare Health requires a person to meet various prerequisites such as having Medicare Part A and B coverage, living in the plan’s service area as well as being free from end-stage renal disease. Individuals interested in such plans can get the desired plan through an online plan finder tool whereby they can enroll through online means. To sign up, individuals require obtaining proper details pertaining their Medicare card such as the dates when Part A and Part B coverage started as well as the Medicare card number.

Physician Practice Services

Management Services Organizations offer physician practice services, which involves the administration and management of a medical business on Services provided by service providers in this line of work assist in relieving medical professionals from non-medical activities or functions in a bid to concentrate on clinical or medical activities. In most cases, they offer billing services, which involved undertaking tasks pertaining revenue cycle management.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is an entity that offers physician practice services as well as managed healthcare services. It has portrayed a commitment to creating and maintaining sustainable and cost-effective models that are integrated with the latest technology. MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice are InnovaCare’s key Medicare Advantage plans. Both plans are acknowledged for hosting a membership of approximately 200,000 individuals.

Richard Shinto is one the executive leaders at InnovaCare credited for its success. He serves as the CEO and president of the company. Previously, Rick Shinto was Aveta’s president before moving to InnovaCare. He has also worked for other entities such as the Medical Management for MedPartners. Further, Shinto prides himself as a shrewd author of healthcare and clinical medicine.

Serving as the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides/ highly experienced in managed healthcare services. Some of the entities Penelope has served in her past include Centerlight and AmeriChoice. She also holds several master’s degrees from numerous universities such as the New York University.