Paul Mampilly- His career as an investor

Paul Mampilly is an American investor known for his success in the financial sector. In two decades, he managed to start from the bottom of the industry and went all the way to the pinnacle. He started his career as an assistant portfolio manager and ended up as a hedge fund manager.

Mampilly graduated from Fordham University with an MBA. He then started his career in 1991. He joined Bankers Trust where he worked for a few years as an assistant portfolio manager. He gained knowledge and experience in investing and managed to get better positions in organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank.

Mampilly’s star kept on shining brighter. He successfully managed accounts worth millions and attracted the attention of billion-dollar organizations. Kinetics Asset Management hired him as a hedge fund manager. As the hedge fund manager, he grew the assets of this fund from $6 billion to $25 billion. For the first time, the hedge fund was featured by the Barrons as the Best return hedge fund.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation Award. It was a competition that brought together the best traders and investors in the Wall Street. Mampilly emerged the winner after recording the highest return.

Paul Mampilly started growing tired of the Wall Street. He got tired of making money for a few people who already had enough. He wanted to spend more time with his family while at the same time engaging in personal investment initiatives.

Although he is no longer in the Wall Street, he is still considered a respected financial expert. He engages in activities of helping the ordinary American make money through stock investments. He trains them to make money on their own to improve their lives.

Paul Mampilly explores various channels of spreading information to investors. He has newsletters which he is using as well as appearing in main news channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News.

The Profits Unlimited is the main newsletter that he authors. It is one of the fastest growing financial newsletter in the United States with followership of over 100,000 investors in the first two years of its launch.

Founder’s Favorite Book, Bitcoin Knowledge and Financial Structuring Expertise Related To Southridge Capital

There are already a lot of articles written about the progression, changes, work timeline and growth of the financial solutions company, Southridge Capital LLC. However, not many of these articles provide insight into where the company is going and the direction its executives are planning. This is the kind of insider information that may only be found in sources with direct words from the executives of Southridge. Some of these sources would definitely be the ones from Crunchbase’ news section as well as the interview that Southridge Founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks did with Crunchbase.



The Crunchbase News



One of the most recent news linked to the Crunchbase profile of Southridge Capital is the one from Analyst of Finance, entitled “Southridge Capital: So You’d Like…”. The article is a preview of the ideas, concept, breakdown and risks that people need to visualize when understanding bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. It is there that people can learn how Southridge Capital is leveraging its expertise in finance to develop methods that can maximize exposure to benefit of bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. It is there that Southridge Capital shared its analysis of how bitcoin stays as a mysterious form of payment system up to today. The fact that not many people understand what it is adds to its illusory value, magnetizing appeal and surprising benefits that not many people may yet realize. The feature also highlighted the website, which is a place to get real-time transaction data to understand and get better visual of what cryptocurrency is today.



Ideamensch Interview



On the other hand, the interview that Southridge Capital founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks did at Ideamensch establishes some of the important data people should know about the company. It is there that people can learn that Mr. Hicks founded Southridge in 1996, and has made it active in the investment industry for over 30 years already. Hicks has also extensive experience in risk arbitrage, financial structuring and derivatives. All of these are essential attributes in growing Southridge Capital to its best potential today. The interview also revealed that Mr. Hicks’ favorite book is “Titan”, the story of how Rockefeller became the great success story that he is.


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Southridge Capital: From The Ground Up

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital helps to advise public companies and structure their finances. Knowing their expertise, most companies usually decide to hire Southridge Capital to look over the financial sector of their company in totality. Financing over 250 companies, Southridge is aware of what issues companies may have to face in corporate and provides them with the solutions to help them succeed. Southridge’s services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice (if the situation arises) and Legal Settlement Services. Southridge also offers companies their Equity Purchase Agreement which helps them raise capital despite any conditions that the market may be in. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Southridge Capital has a 5-person management team. Members of this team include Founder, Stephon M. Hicks, Narine Persuad, Laurence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent and Linda Carlsen. Each member uses their individual expertise to make things work on a day to day basis. Southridge Capital doesn’t just stay inside of their corporate offices, they get involved on the ground floor as well. They participate in community outreach through volunteering and donating to numerous charities. Stephen Hicks and his wife, Mary, created the Daystar Foundation to streamline this aspect of their work. Southridge Capital makes sure that no stone goes unturned when it comes to helping those that may be less fortunate. They don’t only offer money. Southridge makes sure to offer their time as well. You can visit their website

Southridge has been in operation since 1996 and this has played a major part in their success over the years. This has given them the innate knowledge that you gained only after being in the business for over two decades and is one of the main reasons why companies continue to enlist their services. Financing 250 companies has grown them into being true masters of their wheelhouse. Since their inception, Southridge has directly invested over 1.8 billion dollars into various companies and, in 2018, Southridge continues to create custom financial plans for their clients and execute without fail.

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Paul Mampilly is a stock investor. He is a reputable name in the industry because of his many years of experience. In his time in the industry, he has worked as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset management and made it the biggest firm in 2006 with a 26% increase in that year. This was overall the biggest increase across all firms in the U.S. Paul Mampilly has also worked for other big financial institutions. So, when it comes to questions about his experience in the job, he has everything going right for him. So when he gives his opinion about anything related to financial investment, it should not be taken lightly. Paul Mampilly has added his voice to the current controversial topic of cryptocurrencies investment.

This is a new investment chance that has been created by the emergence of Bitcoin and other forms of digital monies. The digital currencies have been gaining value at a very high rate lately and as a result. They have attracted a high number of investors who would like to make a profit from them. Bitcoin so far is the best as it has been trading above $10,000. Just a few years ago, Bitcoin was trading below 1,000. The biggest increase was recorded in 2017. The same year saw many investors join the investment industry so that they could take advantage of the increase. However, according to Paul Mampilly, this is not the right investment for anyone. He says that it is a financial bubble that will soon explode. Those who will be caught in the burst will lose their investment.

Already, Paul Mampilly has seen something similar happen. In 1999, there were technology stocks which were behaving in the same manner the cryptocurrencies are doing. In the end, the bubble exploded, and very many investors lost money.Paul Mampilly is advising investors who have already invested in cryptocurrencies to take their money and run. Very soon, the prices will fall, and anyone caught inside the bubble will have nowhere to go to. He has pinpointed the new investors who have no idea what it is like to invest in financial markets to take care. The highest percentage of investors who suffer from effects of financial bubbles are new investors because they do not know when to get out when an investment is going down. All they can imagine is making profits and nothing but profits. They are never ready for losses, and they’d rather stick with an investment hoping and praying that it will change direction and go up again.

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is an Indiana-based loan provider with offices in all parts of the world continents. For the company, they have purposed to reach the world and save the situation through the use of stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has worked to meet the needs to numerous companies and completed more than 2,000 transactions. According to Al Christy, he says that these transactions mean that they have kept up with their core duty to fulfill the needs of the people. In the end, you will notice that they have worked to meet the needs of all the citizens. However, they have seen these transactions as Daly business on a normal working day since the onset of the world economic crisis. The company has also worked to announce a double digit growth during this past year. For this reason, they have kept up with their core duty of issuing fast working capital in an economic crisis onset.

When the company expanded to cover the general facilities, it experienced positive growth. For this reason, they purposed to grow and reach all parts of the world and cover every continent. Therefore, they had no issue in opening offices in South Africa, London, Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Sydney. When they opened the offices, they recorded more than 50 percent of loan intake through their offices. Al Christy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings. He has also overseen the expansion and growth of the company’s services in all parts of the world. Since the enterprise was incepted in 2013, it has recorded the highest growth rate in 2015.

The company has also acquired numerous companies in the line on stock-based loans to develop their capabilities to the future of the local areas. Al Christy has seen many people confuse the use of the stock-based loans and the margin loans. As a matter of fact, the two loans are not correlated. However, they are issued in a manner that does not anticipate market fluctuation. In the end, you might have realized that they are all different. For the margin loans, you are required to say the intention of the money to qualify for the credit. However, you are not required to state the use of the money to be eligible for the stock-based loans. For this reason, stock-based loans are now more attractive than the margin loans by far.

Why Refinancing an Automobile is a Smart Financial Alternative

Refinancing an automobile is not the same type of transaction as refinancing a home mortgage. Generally, when refinancing a mortgage loan, the process involves the consolidation of credit card balances, into the new loan: and unlike that type of arrangement, refinancing an automobile is generally an effortless process. Another bonus, provided to the consumer is there are minimal fees to zero fees, attached, to refinancing an automobile loan. Refinancing an existing auto loan is, therefore, a very unique and positive financing option. The reason more persons do not refinance their respective loans is that information, within the lending marketplace, is not substantial enough, for the borrower to easily choose this favorable financial loan option. The article, which follows, provides the borrower, much, in the way of knowledge, in understanding refinancing his or her automobile.


There are four conditions, when refinancing an existing automobile loan, which provide the borrower with a sensible financial solution. The four conditions are listed below:


1—The first condition is that interest rates have declined, within the lending marketplace. When interest rates drop—even more than a few points, since the consumer has made purchase of his or her automobile—the savings, with respect to the loan arrangement—can be quite substantial. It is important for the consumer to recognize the fact, that even a mere percentage point or two, can make a vast amount of difference, with respect to the monies paid over time, as it pertains to his or her existing automobile loan. It is very important, the borrower check out refinancing his or her existing car loan, when interest rates drop.


2—Another condition, wherein, a savvy consumer is smart, in refinancing an existing auto loan is when his or her credit score has improved. When a consumer has had, in the past, a few negative items on his or her credit report; or had no credit history, when it is the car was purchased—over time, this type of situation works itself out. In example, as it pertains to the situation where negative items are found on the credit report: the consumer, during the interim period, may have invested in some secured credit cards, making his or her payments—on time—and, thus, proving his or her credit worthiness. Or, as it pertains to the preceding situation, he or she may have had a company clean up negative items—that did not belong to him or her. On top of the other positive actions, the consumer, who is consistent in making his or her auto loan payments, on time, proves his or her credit-worthiness, too. The individual, who has had no credit history, whatsoever, when purchasing his or her automobile, by making his or her payments on time, has, in effect, demonstrated that he or she may be depended upon to proceed in making payments, in a timely manner. Once, the credit score of the individual has improved, on a general basis, such an individual is in a favorable position of possibly being able to take advantage of lower interest rates. As it pertains to the two unfavorable circumstances—that being, negative items found on the credit report, and a history of no credit, such profiles can result in interest rates, as high as eighteen percent, or even more. It pays, then, for the borrower to pay his or her loan back, in a timely manner—since thin credit histories, result in higher rates of interest. This is to say, several months, wherein, the consumer demonstrates that he or she is able to make his or her payments on time, may interest a lender in refinancing that individual’s existing loan to a lower rate of interest. The consumer is wise, then, to check his or her respective credit history, prior to taking action, with regard to refinancing an automobile.


3—Another condition, which requires an individual to consider refinancing his or her automobile loan is, wherein, he or she simply did not receive the best rate possible, when purchasing his or her automobile. Additionally, just because a consumer may have had, even, a high credit score, wherein, his or her history was unblemished—does not necessarily mean, such a person, received the best rate available. The vehicle loans, too, made by many car dealers, normally, due to their nature, carry high rates. Those rates are much higher than what the average consumer deserves. Many consumers, go along too, with the higher interest rate, simply because he or she has not acquired the knowledge or experience in realizing that many of the dealer-financed arrangements, provide the consumer with rates that are a tad bit too high. The consumer must understand that the higher rate is generally a revenue stream for the dealer. Other items, too, such as rust-proofing the automobile and warranties, which are extended, represent other profit centers for the car dealer. A person, finding out such information, after-the-fact, may wish to select refinancing his or her car loan, in order to receive a lower interest rate and/or a lower payment.


4—A condition, wherein, refinancing is a sensible choice is when the individual’s financial situation is not as healthy as it was at a prior time. This form of financial deterioration, provides the consumer with the opportunity to address it, in a practical manner. Some consumers, experience setbacks—financially—and require a ready solution. It may be, with regard to the preceding situation, that refinancing an auto loan, in order to reduce payments, provides a good solution. The loan term, with regard to the re-fi option, is increased, and, as a result, the monthly payment is decreased.


Locating the lender that refinances is the most effortless step—in way of refinancing the loan. The lender, Ignition Financial, can easily educate the consumer and make refinancing his or her existing car loan a reality. In turn, his or her payments—on a monthly basis—can be reduced, freeing up cash, so he or she may experience a more vigorous and active lifestyle. When the borrower is thinking: “ I wish I could slash my payments,” the knowledgeable associates, at the preceding financial organization, can make payment reduction a reality.