Why Fabletics Uses Customer Reviews

The modern consumer is more cautious about buying these days. In the past, people trusted their favorite brands and used intuition to determine purchases. When business combined with the internet, it allowed countless untrustworthy businesses to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. That created a permanent distance between consumers and companies.

Recently, that distanced was filled with the power of the crowd. Customers do trust companies a little more these days, but they trust their fellow consumers even more. As part of every company’s use of websites rose, they began adding review sections to their sites.

That review sections turned into a goldmine for customers to learn about products. People stopped trusting traditional advertising because companies only promote the best qualities of their products or services. User reviews are actual detailed accounts of the quality of those products or services. That information is invaluable to any smart shopper.

As crowd-sourced reviews grow in popularity, savvier brands like Fabletics are capitalizing on the trend. Many of the top brands developed new review-centric marketing strategies to attract more customers. Fabletics is an activewear brand that’s grown more than 200 percent in the last four years. According to some of the company’s executives, it’s thanks to user reviews.

Not a lot people know the company’s top executives, but everyone knows one of Fabletic’s co-founders: Kate Hudson. For Hudson, co-founding an activewear, or athleisure retailer, was always a distant dream. When some TechStyle Fashion Group executives approached her with this idea, she jumped at the opportunity.

So far, it’s been a winning exercise. Last year, Fabletics grew an additional 43 percent, making it one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the country. In just four years, Fabletics found such success in the e-commerce markets that it began opening physical stores last year.

When Hudson started really exploring the idea of starting an athleisure retailer, she wanted to make sure that every woman could find something beautiful. Activewear is nothing new, but not a lot of brands make products for older and plus-size women. Hudson wanted Fabletics to be different.

Making products for all women set Fabletics apart from the competition. That kindness is what inspires women to embrace more active lifestyles. That’s Kate Hudson’s true mission: getting women on the path to healthier lives at their own pace.

Fabletics is finding success online and in their physical stores

Want a stylish and trendy workout outfit but don’t want to spend lots of time shopping for one? Need some good quality workout gear but don’t want to pay the prices of the premium brands? Need clothes that last and will look great for many workouts? Want to streamline your clothing purchases and feel like a smart and savvy shopper each month? If these questions apply to you, then look no farther than Fabletics. Fabletics offers quality workout clothing at affordable prices. Fabletics goal is to inspire you to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Actress Kate Hudson plays an active role in the company to make Fabletics clothes stylish and trendy, and make certain that they are always made of the best quality materials available.


Fabletics started in 2013 and has been very successful in taking on giants in the industry, like Amazon. Their main business is their online monthly membership subscription service. Recently, they have decided to branch out and open brick and motar stores to start utilizing reverse showrooming. When their members come in their stores, the items they try on also go into their account online for them to buy online later if they wish. The stores and online business work together to build the Fabletics brand. For many retailers, their brick and mortar stores are losing sales and customers to websites who sell the items for less. Fabletics simply uses their stores as another level of customer service for their customers. The stores also grow their online business by signing up a fourth of the customers who shop in the store to become monthly subscribers. This grows their loyal fan base. The stores also help Fabletics learn what styles and trends are popular in the communities that they serve. They can then offer the clothing that their customers will most enjoy.


To start with Fabletics, you can take their lifestyle quiz. The quiz helps narrow down clothing choices by understanding what your lifestyle and exercise habits are. Outfits will then be chosen depending on the results of the quiz. This makes shopping quick and easy, giving you fantastic choices that you will love without wasting tons of time shopping around and searching the website. Each month, handpicked outfits will be sent to you to choose from, making it super easy to get a stylish outfit sent to you with minimal time and effort. The outfits are always offered at your affordable monthly fee, with a la carte options for a discount as well. Quick, easy, and affordable shopping helps you feel like a smart shopper and returning each month. You will also keep coming back because the quality of clothing that you receive for the price you paid is unmatched in the industry. The quality can easily be compared to the expensive, premium brands, but you get them at a fraction of the price. The colors, shape, and compression will keep you looking fantastic and giving you the reinforcement you desire for a successful exercise session.