ClassDojo Company: A Technology Improvement In Education

This is a fast-growing company founded in 2011. The organization is was located in San Francisco, California. The aim of the company to be established is to help millions of teachers, families and their students to be able to use the day to day education so that they can build strong relations that will enable them to have a supportive society. The knowledge is delivered in two ways. First is delivering knowledge taught during the class back at home using students portfolios, videos, photos, and messages. The second ways are to help the people learning to build their social-emotional skills through classroom feedback. it will also help them to engage in both home and also school activities. It is a platform that millions of people have loved from the United States and other 180 countries who uses and benefits from it.

ClassDojo has a team made of engineers, educators, and designers that are all from the world. They have a deep background from both public schools and charter schools.

According to Stephanie Smith, teaching at sometimes can become a lonely profession. This is because teachers are always surrounded by people so they lack time to spend and discuss with their peers. They spend most of their time having excitements with the students. It has become a possible thing to realize a day or week has come to an end without getting time to interact with other adults.

The time Smith decided to consider technology in her classroom and do practices she was not expecting to have connections and community which is among the biggest benefits she has gained. It changed her life completely.

She has already got a new role that excites her being a technology coach in her district. She keeps reflecting how she got the position of being a better educator. She found that some technologies that she liked together with other users in the community played a major role in the journey of becoming a technology tutor.

She has been sharing messages, photos, and video with her students and their families in what was happening in schools. It helped to strengthener the classroom community. Videos and other activities was a jumping-off point which helped in sparking conversation in matters regarding teamwork and empathy. This is concepts that are useful while learning at the young age. Find out more about ClassDojo:

How Rocketship Education Empowers Parents

Rocketship Education is named rather accurately. The name rocketship comes to denote the fact that they strive to help their students rise to levels that were previously unattainable. They have certainly succeeded. Rocketship Education empowers students by hiring teachers who specialize in certain subjects and by making sure that their teachers are informed about the needs of every student so that they can provide them with personalized care and support.

Rocketship Education focuses on creating a community. This community connects students, teachers, and parents. The parents are familiar with what is going on in the schools. This way, they are empowered. An example of how much Rocketship Education values this is their requirement that their teachers visit the homes of their children. This way, they are able to familiarize themselves with the unique situation of each student. They can get a feel for what the student is facing at home and how they grew up, which can help them give those students a personalized education.

Rocketship Education’s model seems to be working. When it came to the statewide average on tests, the students at Rocketship Education received scores that were in the top ten percent of all students in low income communities in California.

The parents love that they are able to join in on the education of their children. They feel empowered when they know what is going on. They are also able to help out by creating an environment at home that is conducive to them being productive at school. Many parents have come to realize that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, and that the home plays a special role in their children’s education.

Rocketship Education is a network of schools that focus on providing children from low income communities the ability to succeed and excel. They help them bridge the gap that has long existed for them.

They have a number of core values. One of those is the community. Being authentic, being innovative, tenacity, and excellence are also core values at Rocketship Education.