How Talkspace Helps People In A Different Way Than Traditional Therapy

Having a pet in your home has been shown to have a large number of benefits for people. They provide unconditional love, for instance. They also encourage people to get outside and do physical activities, whether it is riding a horse or walking a dog. Owning pets leads to lower blood pressure, improvements in asthma, lower triglyceride levels, and lower cholesterol.

Whether it is a cat, dog, rabbit, horse, hamster, or other pet it can be traumatic to lose a pet you’ve really become attached to. Some people don’t recognize that people can form really deep attachments to animals and so losing one can mean that some people really don’t have anyone to talk to about this event in their lives which is disenfranchising. Veterinarians aren’t trained to help people through the grieving process after giving people the bad news that their pet’s condition is terminal in nature.

Talkspace is an app which can help people grieving the loss of a pet, or anything else going on in people’s lives which they think talk therapy can help with. One online review recounts the experience of a yoga teacher who had therapy while she was a child but experiences in her 20’s left her feeling that she needed to have therapy again. She turned to Talkspace and the therapist she developed a texting relationship with really helped her get on a better path.

Some people struggle with traditional therapy for any number of reasons. It can be inconvenient with the appointments or some people just really never feel comfortable pouring out their problems in a face-to-face setting. Talkspace is great for those people and others because they feel more comfortable sharing things through text where they can really put down their thoughts without pressure or feel like they are being judged.