Call Handy Inc. for On-Demand Home Cleaning or Ikea Furniture Delivery

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an on-demand service provider, who could do it all? This niche might be filled in the future by the enterprising Handy Inc. brand, based out of New York. The Handy on-demand service provides cleaning and furniture delivery; is tax preparation next?

“What do you need?”

On-demand services are like having your own personal butler. This is a great way for busy urban dwellers and professionals to save time. You just might not feel like cleaning your condominium yourself. Certainly, you don’t want to carry furniture up all those stairs or through that service elevator.

While other on-demand cleaning services, like Exec, Mopp and HomeJoy have gone under, Handy Inc. stays in-business. One reason is its diversification, like offering furniture delivery and assembly for a flat fee, starting at $49 per item. Handy Inc. is active in 28 cities.

“Buy Ikea Items from Handy’s Website”

You can visit Handy’s website to check out which Ikea furniture is available. This is a great way to raise the profile of Handy Inc., by associating it with a global brand. is handy for satisfying all your needs.

Handy CEO and co-founder Oisin Hanrahan stated, “[t]he aim of the new service is to make customers happy. This is about taking something people are doing – buying furniture that needs to get into their homes and be assembled – and making it into a great experience.” Handy Inc. goes above and beyond the competition.

Keeping their brand name uppermost in the minds of their clients, is one of the secrets to success for service firms. Handy Inc. continues to remain relevant by offering new services to “make customers happy.”