Andy Wirth’s Brave and Generous Race

In October of 2013, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in California Andy Wirth on facebook experienced an event that would be life-altering in more ways than one. At the end of a standard skydiving thrill, he landed unfavorably on a vineyard where he partially severed his right arm. By a stroke of sheer luck and grace, Andy Wirth survived, his arm was salvaged, and he went on to start the slow and grueling journey of recovery. It was during this journey that one of his most significant undertakings was forged. Andy met and befriended with a visiting Navy Seals team on, and later, in an attempt to truly regain his life, sent a video of himself riding a bike to Andrew Messick, CEO of IRONMAN Triathlon Corporation. Impressed, Messick encouraged Andy enough to put together a relay team for an upcoming IRONMAN race. Andy Wirth recruited one of the guys from the Navy Seals as a swimmer, an old college friend as a the cyclist, and Wirth himself would be the runner. What marked this race as truly special was Wirth’s intent behind the formation of the team: Wirth planned on raising funds for the Navy Seals Foundation in commemoration for the comrades who had lost their lives and limbs on the battlefield and front lines. The name he chose for the team? Special Warfare Warrior Support Team on Wirth has been diligently training (even with an arm brace) and plans on continuing his racing and goodwill efforts in years to come. IRONMAN’S 70.3 marked the first race where Wirth competed after suffering a serious injury.

Andy Wirth on kcrw became the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski in 2010 after an extensive career in marketing and leadership for Steamboat Springs and Intrawest resort industry. Following Andy Wirth’s acquisition, Squaw Valley underwent major renovations and was eventually merged with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in 2011. The company and leadership remain a success to this day.

Communicating Through Video: Talk Fusion Is Leading The Way

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that utilizes the direct selling business model. The company offers video solutions to both companies and individuals because they understand that friends and families like to communicate in a similar way to businesses. While individuals may not want to send sales sheets and facts and figures to their loves ones, they would love to communicate in a more personal way through video and it is always helpful to share memories through video. For businesses, video communication is an amazing tool. They will be able to improve their marketing and better connect with customers. Businesses will also be able to have meetings no matter where they are and it can be seen as a state of the art way to communicate with business partners.

Talk Fusion has a variety of different tools that both businesses and individuals can use. The video chat app allows families who are spread out to keep in touch and it allows businesses to have more face to face discussions. The video email allows people to share memories of their children and it helps businesses to send out personalized emails that are more dynamic to partners. The live meeting tool can be great for families to all talk in one place at the same time or for companies to use as a solution to not having a singular office space. The video newsletter is a great tool for business to market new products or for friends to share their experiences together. And finally the community blog allows communities of friends or professionals to share ideas and grow in a beneficial way together.

Bob Reina founded this organization. He decided to utilize his old experience as a direct seller and give the opportunity to other individuals to be their own boss. So far the company has released the tools and has already had significant success. Soon they will be starting a 30 day free trial so that everyone can see how great the products are first and then purchase them.