NTC’s COO Michael O’Connell is Recognized as A Leader in the Housing and Mortgage Finance Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., services provider of research and document processing and COO Michael O’Connell receives recognition by HousingWire Magazine. The online publisher covers all the latest news within the mortgage banking and financial industry, including lending, professionals, and others. O’Connell and the company was featured in the December 2016 issue as part of the 40 Leaders Vanguard Awards program. One year after he was promoted in 2013 from vice president of client relations to COO, NTC enhanced its website. The company began offering online property reports to make accessible and correct title defects which were prevalent prior to 2014.

Michael O’Connell earned recognition as one of the 40 leaders of the Vanguard Awards, but graciously thanks the NTC Team. The prestigious trade publication honored him as C Level and Business Unit Executive in the housing and mortgage finance industries. Before the 2013 promotion, he led the sales and client relations teams for eight years, serving as divisional vice president. HousingWire Magazine is acknowledging O’Connell for his leadership role overseeing the company’s production division teams of approximately 500 or more employees. He ensures daily operations of delivering services for document production, quality control, and research studies are efficiently and successfully accomplished.

Executives, CEO John Hillman and COO O’Connell worked diligently together to address serious issues involving title defects with a solution. Nationwide Title Clearing and the executive team enhances the NTC website to provide an online property report servicer in 2014. The best solution to improve accuracy of property titles to avoid defects is to check the records for clear conveyance. It reduces the risks of wrongful foreclosures and prevents delay of property sale or transfer due to a previous lien. The necessary reports are now available online to verify assignment, tax status, encumbrance, and proof of ownership.

Nationwide Title Clearing is headquartered in Palm Harbor, FL and recently opened a new office with data center in Dallas, TX. Since 1991, the privately-owned research and document processing company provides services to residential mortgage servicers, investors, and lenders. Clients have easy access to land records and documents in over 3,500 national jurisdictions which meet county requirements. NTC’s document specialists perform all land records research, and tracking and retrieving of documents. Michael O’Connell receiving the 2016 Vanguard Awards and featuring in this month’s issue of the HousingWide Magazine validates the success of the team and NTC.

Exploring the Contribution of Don Ressler to JustFab

JustFab is a rapidly growing subscription online store that was launched in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The company has grown its membership base from 1 million in 2011 to more than 10 million in 2016. All this growth has been attributed to the various features and developments that have been made available for members. In the 6 years JustFab has been operational With Adam Goldenberg, the company has extended its network to more than 5 countries. JustFab offers selections of denim, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Don Ressler and his effort
Don Ressler is a co-founding member of JustFab and has been supporting the company since inception. He brought up the idea behind the creation of JustFab and in 2010, he partnered with Adam Goldenberg to launch the online subscription ecommerce store.

A lot of funding was required to develop the brand so it could penetrate the competitive market. This inspired Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg to negotiate for credit and the company received $33 million in 2012 to aid in expansion. The loan was issued by Matrix Partners, an established venture capital based in the U.S. In the year that followed, they received another loan of $76 million, which financed the expansion of the company to cover Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Franchise businesses
FabKids, which was added into the JustFab network in 2013, operates separately but under the authority of JustFab, Inc. The company is a subscription online retail that stocks kids’ fashion. Fabletics is also a franchise that is managed by JusFab. The company was initially launched by Kate Hudson with Adam Goldenberg and offers high-quality active-wear for ladies. This includes premium training gears and swimsuits, designed to also speak fashion and beauty.

JustFab is also collaborating with People StyleWatch to offer the latest footwear and handbag collection, all exclusively on JusFab. The brand will tap into the trends that emerge during the spring and their design team will respond to market demands accordingly.

Members enjoy more flexibility since one can skip the month if you feel you will not need to purchase anything within that period at http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg. This is possible through the “Skip The Month” feature, which you should use before 5th of every month to claim the provision. There is no limit to the number of months you can skip since all you need is to activate the feature before the 5th of every month and you will not need to worry about accumulations on your subscription.

Dick DeVos’ Philanthropy and Career

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has happily surpassed its fundraising aim. Its fundraising efforts were for an upcoming expansion project. The center didn’t decide to stop its fundraising campaign, however. It has decided to actually increase its aim by a cool $50 million. The campaign has secured a total of 135.9 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The money is set aside for a growth project that already has approval. The expansion project will introduce a pedestrian bridge and a riverfront pavilion. It will also increase the size of the actual center. The project will tack on three additional pavilions. It will also enhance available rehearsal, educational, dining and office facilities. This campaign began back in 2013. It intended on collecting $125 million for its mission. $25 million was to be set aside for all programming efforts. $100 million was to be set aside for its expansion work.

Many prominent figures donated to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ campaign. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation contributed $1 million to it. Dick DeVos is a business and entrepreneur who comes from the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His birth name is Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. DeVos has four children with his wife Betsy Prince.

DeVos attended college at Northwood University in in Midland, Michigan. He got a business administration bachelor’s degree from the school. He also went to Harvard Business School in Boston Massachusetts. DeVos has been given honorary doctorate degrees from a variety of noteworthy institutions. Examples of these institutions are Central Michigan University and Grove City College. DeVos’ wife in the past served as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson. DeVos’ father is Richard DeVos, one of the co-founders of Amway. Amway is a famed company that focuses on multi-level marketing methods.

Spain To Get First Look At FreedomPop Free WhatsApp Usage

FreedomPop is in a new partnership with WhatsApp, and what they are doing is going to change the way people talk on their phones. Every person who wants to have a chance to chat with people more easily needs to try FreedomPop because they are going with lower prices and more perks. WhatsApp is going to be on every phone that FreedomPop sells, and Mobile World Live is telling the world what the new development is with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp usage on FreedomPop phones is going to be free to all people who want to use it, and the usage is not going to take away the data that people paid for on their packages. People are either on free plans or deeply discounted plans when they come to FreedomPop, and now they can add the free usage of WhatsApp to the party. This is a really basic way for people to start talking and texting, and it is a way for people to mitigate how much data they will use every month. They have to make sure that they can talk to everyone they need to, and FreedomPop is helping everyone know that they actually have more minutes to use now.

Spanish customers are going to get the first look at what it will be like to use WhatsApp for free, but FreedomPop is trying to expand all over the world. Everyone might get a really good look at what it will be like to use more FreedomPop time for less money, and it is really going to help people who just do not have the funds to spend on phone plans that are going to be too expensive. FreedomPop keeps prices low, and they are adding in new items that are going to make the prices even lower for the future.

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FreedomPop Is Adding Some Innovation to Mobile Advertising

Anyone who watches TV can attest to the fact that advertising is important. In fact, ad revenue is one of the main reasons that network programming can even exist. And this should hint at the increasing importance of advertising in the mobile sphere. Smartphones and advertising are becoming increasingly intertwined over time. And advertisers and manufacturers alike are trying to define exactly how consumers fit into things.

One mobile provider called FreedomPop is trying out an innovative new idea. They offer free, but limited, data and voice service for phones. Customers can perform a variety of actions to increase the range of their service. This can include direct payment. But it can also mean interacting with advertisements or buying goods and services through whatever advertisements might be shown at any given time.

Anyone familiar with FreedomPop will understand why they’re on the cutting edge of this new frontier of mobile advertising. FreedomPop has always worked under innovative business plans. For example, another feature offered by FreedomPop is an advanced wifi system. Users can pay a low fee of only $5 to gain access to over 10 million wifi points around the US.

FreedomPop has also worked to ensure that customers can gain access to the hardware needed to enjoy their service. They’ve been able to offer refurbished smartphones at a fraction of what it would cost consumers at the average store. The company is also working on a new system of hybrid phones which can better take advantage of wifi for service when available, and gracefully fall back on traditional service when it isn’t. At the moment, FreedomPop has an estimated user base of hundreds of thousands of customers. This is expected to steadily grow as the company continues to demonstrate new and innovative techniques. All of which are designed to allow the company to offer competitive service at the lowest possible price.

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Communicating Through Video: Talk Fusion Is Leading The Way

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that utilizes the direct selling business model. The company offers video solutions to both companies and individuals because they understand that friends and families like to communicate in a similar way to businesses. While individuals may not want to send sales sheets and facts and figures to their loves ones, they would love to communicate in a more personal way through video and it is always helpful to share memories through video. For businesses, video communication is an amazing tool. They will be able to improve their marketing and better connect with customers. Businesses will also be able to have meetings no matter where they are and it can be seen as a state of the art way to communicate with business partners.

Talk Fusion has a variety of different tools that both businesses and individuals can use. The video chat app allows families who are spread out to keep in touch and it allows businesses to have more face to face discussions. The video email allows people to share memories of their children and it helps businesses to send out personalized emails that are more dynamic to partners. The live meeting tool can be great for families to all talk in one place at the same time or for companies to use as a solution to not having a singular office space. The video newsletter is a great tool for business to market new products or for friends to share their experiences together. And finally the community blog allows communities of friends or professionals to share ideas and grow in a beneficial way together.

Bob Reina founded this organization. He decided to utilize his old experience as a direct seller and give the opportunity to other individuals to be their own boss. So far the company has released the tools and has already had significant success. Soon they will be starting a 30 day free trial so that everyone can see how great the products are first and then purchase them.