Clay Siegall on His Secret to a Successful Biotechnology Company

In a recent interview, Clay Siegall was asked about how long after the company was set up, did he make a profit. Clay said that it was only after the company had offered public stock did the company became profitable. He also asked if he ever doubted himself when he started his company. He said that there were times when he faced a lot of difficulties initially. It was at the time when the company has low capitals, and the company was only managing to stay afloat. But, he and his team worked hard to get through this time and became more stable financially. He also talked about his sales team that has been a big part of the success of the company. Clay hired skilled and experienced salespeople in the biotechnology field that allowed them to get lucrative deals. Clay is of the opinion that it is not just the salesperson; it is also their innovative products that have helped the company reach the top. When you have the right products, they themselves work as a marketing tool for the company, and this is what has made Seattle Genetics famous.

Clay Siegall established Seattle Genetics that is based out of Seattle. The company mainly focuses its research on targeted therapy drugs for different diseases. He went to the University of Maryland where he earned his B.S. in Zoology. He then earned his Ph.D. from the George Washington University in the genetics subject. Over the years, Clay has helped the company become one of the leaders in the biotech industry and already has some drugs patented under his name.

Clay Siegall believes in hard work and thinks that if someone has enough passion, they can easily succeed. Where one went to school or their IQ is completely secondary. It is the reason he has only the most passionate people who want to prove something o the world. He thinks that to get business, it is essential to eat and drink with their clients and spend time on negotiations. Also, their legal team is also of great help when it comes to contracts and helping them get the patent for their drugs.