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For years, DeVos has pushed for all children in the United States to have the ability to go to either a private charter school or a public school. DeVos says she has been pushing to help many low-income families who want to send their children to private schools but can’t due to the cost. It has been an issue that has plagued not only these families but the charter schools as well. These schools are able to survive based on tuition payments, another issue that DeVos has tackled by giving some government funds to these schools.


DeVos’ movement has been going strong for years. Back in 2017, she appeared at several private schools throughout the country. One of those schools was founded by rapper Pitbull. During her appearance at these schools, DeVos doubled down on her mission to keep expanding the school choice movement across the country.


DeVos has been a big supporter of SLAM, which was started by the Mater Academy. This academy helped develop a chain of Florida charter schools. Academica, a for-profit organization, manages these schools. Academica was also crucial to the creation of 19 online virtual charter schools.


One of the communities Betsy DeVos has long supported when it comes to the school choice movement is the Latin community. She has expressed her joy in the rise in interest in private schools among the Hispanic community. Hence why she has aligned herself with Pitbull to discuss the school choice movement.


Pitbull owns several charter schools in Florida. Miami got first dibs on these schools as its Pitbull’s hometown. He began to open the schools back in 2013. He was able to prevent layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic.