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There are several ways to create a career as an entrepreneur.  used his skills and wealth to become an angel investor assisting startups around the world. Kevin Seawright, the Baltimore-based finance expert, decided to go in another direction. The Almeda University graduate set out to become one of the leading lights in assisting the people of Baltimore in buying a home.

The approaches of and Kevin Seawright may take them in different directions, but their aims are shared. The overall goal for Kevin Seawright is to improve the lives of the people of Baltimore who may have felt they had little chance of becoming a homeowner. Seawright believes the chance to buy a home should be open to everybody and tries to make this a reality by working to educate and inform residents about their options.

Kevin Seawright has spent the last six years building the RPS Solutions brand, which has become one of the most important providers of assistance for potential homeowners. The educational aspects of the work of Kevin Seawright can be compared to the guidance provided to startups by. Seawright believes knowing how the mortgage process works are important to every potential homeowner, with the people of Baltimore understanding how to obtain and repay a mortgage.

In the pandemic, the housing market moved away from many regular people, who felt the high prices charged for homes put them out of their reach. Seawright believes the people of Baltimore deserve to have their needs met when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. The number of clients of RPS Solutions and Kevin Seawright who are purchasing homes is a testament to the skills of the brand the entrepreneur has created. By improving the knowledge base of the homebuyers of Baltimore, the number of homes purchased with the help of Kevin Seawright continues to grow.