How a Partnership With McDonalds Transformed a Chicago Butcher Shop Into OSI Industries

Why are OSI Industries worth $6.1 billion? The company has become one of the most dominant forces in he food industry, but how did they get there? How does a company become so large that it has facilities in 17 countries and supplies food to McDonald’s, Papa Johns, Subway, and more? Well, in the case of OSI Industries, consistently producing quality products is what shot them from a small butcher shop in Chicago into the multinational force of nature that they are today. Really, it was the case of a small handshake and a game-changing restaurant.

OSI Industries used to be Otto & Sons, a small butcher shop — and later wholesale business — owned by the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was renowned for his persistence and quality of products which led his butcher shop to be a long-standing shop in West Chicago. It was his sons, however, that made a deal that would change the fate of this small establishment for years. Before Ray Krok opened his first McDonalds in 1955, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky shook hands with Ray Krok on an offer to supply McDonald’s with its beef products.

Then, McDonald’s happened. McDonald’s exploded into popularity and made a sweep of the nation adding new customers at an incredible pace. Keeping true to his handshake Krok made Otto & Sons the sole supplier of beef products to McDonald’s. Because of this, Otto & Sons was quickly rebranded to OSI Industries. In order to meet the demands of a growing McDonalds franchise, the company started branching off into the United States gaining factories and new partnerships along the way.

Because of this continued growth, OSI was ready to make the leap into a multinational private company. OSI started to form partnerships across Taiwan and China with companies such as K&K and the Doyoo Group. After these partnerships formed OSI started to leverage them to quickly sprout factories across China, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Then, to further expand their grasp, in 2016 OSI scooped up Baho Foods and Creative Foods in the same year. Both acquisitions drastically expanded OSIs inventory of products and influence in key European centers across the world. OSI is now a major business. It stands to service some of the biggest names in food. Names such as Papa Johns, of course, McDonald’s, and Subway are part of its list of services foodservice providers. What a leap from a small Chicago butcher shop.

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Ronald Fowlkes — Passionate About Being Part of Society’s Protection Control

Many of our armed force veterans as men and women have served our country unselfishly under extraordinary challenges. They have significantly secured our nation from threats within and abroad. Ronald Fowlkes is one of those veterans who has served as a Marine on the front lines where there were no safe zones. Nowadays, he is passionate about being part of society’s protection control in helping make the country a safer place.

As well, Ronald has headed the SWAT team in one of the US largest cities, and yet he feels he can give even more to this community — because he has a love for his country. Now, after being an active soldier for the armed force, Ronald knows how significant it is preparing to face battles. As an official trainer for the St. Louis Blues Triple-A- team, he believes equipment matters and more.

Although Ronald Fowlkes is not the team coach, he’s showing another way to give back to the neighborhood as a sports mentor. Ronald’s son is a Triple-A- team member for three years. Thus, Ronald has taken on the responsibility for providing all of their hockey equipment in the locker room.

The Marine vet feels that mentorship’s best area is to benefit all people. Of course, he understood having lived in the military and worked on the police force; you should be straightforward. Ronald learned to be blunt and discovered that everyone would not be your friend. Indeed, he loves his family, which is part of his motivation in getting up each morning.

On top of this, Ronald Fowlkes gets up at dawn heading out to the Eagle Industries Unlimited firm which is a top-notch provider of strategic gear across the enterprise. The full-service company supplies those who are looking for world-class tactical gear items. These consumers not only come from around the country, but they travel from different nations. And, Ronald has much expertise in tactical gear. So, he provides the citizenry insight on various products.

Because of the retired Marine’s unique tactical-gear-product savvy, many people are optimistic about Fowlkes’ wealth of knowledge. Ronald has also trained the US military team on hostage rescue, information collection, and tactical procedures. In fact, his law enforcement experience comprises three years with St. Louis’s County Police Department. Plus, he has served ten years with the County’s Metropolitan Police Department.

As a proud US Marine veteran, Ronald Fowlkes manages Eagle Industries Unlimited and has delighted in providing top-quality gear for security departments. From experience, Ronald found you won’t always have right answers, but you can learn from others while getting it. Nevertheless, for over twenty years, he has had the exciting privilege of developing tactical gear for military communities and law enforcement.


The Recent Funding of Eric Lefkofsky’s Company

Recently, a very important company that is fighting the good fight against cancer was awarded a significant amount of funding. The company is called Tempus.

More About Tempus

Tempus has a mission in which they strive hard for the betterment of people’s lives when it comes to devastating cancer. Being frustrated with the fact that many medical facilities didn’t use data-enriched tools that are beneficial for patients with cancer, Tempus took upon themselves to use a data-enriched tool called genomic sequencing for cancer patients. Their mission includes redefining genomic data usage in a clinical setting. Tempus also has a goal in which every patient would benefit from the treatment of previous patients by offering them doctors with techniques to learn as they gather additional data.

The CEO and Co-founder

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He is an American businessman who tremendously became interested in relative cancer issues especially when a loved one of his was diagnosed with cancer. Lefkofsky is originally from a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. His alma mater is the University of Michigan wherever earned a bachelor of art degree in 1991 in which he graduated with honors, and he earned his JD degree.

More About the Recent Round of Funding Awarded

In March of this year, Tempus gained an additional $80 million in funding that was led by T. Rowe Price. With this additional funding, Tempus can more aggressively fight the good fight against cancer. They can expand by hiring additional staff in the city of Chicago, especially in the tech and data fields. With this company just opening in 2015, they already have been hiring around 30 additional employees each month with the previous round of funding they’ve raised that amounted to $70 million. With these new endeavors from a worthwhile company that just opened a few years ago, the future is looking even more optimistic and hopeful from people suffering from cancer, their loved ones, and even more jobs for the city of Chicago.

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How To Launch Your Campaign And Why NGP VAN Works

Launching a campaign can seem as tough as heart surgery, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The trick is to have a plan set in place in order to make sure your campaign gets off the ground.


Our good friends at NGP VAN have given out a few keys to making every campaign work. The first thing to do is to get your communication in order. You must write down why it is you are running for office, what people you want to reach, and why you want to reach them. Though this will consist of a few pages, this is not something that should be done in an hour. Rather, this is something that should span over days or even weeks. You must do some deep brainstorming to make sure your message is perfect.


The next key is to build a website. The way to win votes is to make your campaign about voters. Whenever you give a speech, that speech should solely be about people and the overall community. When you leave yourself out, the people realize you are for them. However, the voters will still want to know about the person who is running for office. This is where your website comes in. When people visit your website, they should easily be able to find all of your personal information, as well as different ways in which they can contact you personally.


Luckily, for all people running for office, NGP VAN has made launching a campaign easy. NGP VAN began their campaign software in the late 90s. They did not realize popular it would get. Since that time, every U.S. President has used their software for their campaign. NGP VAN technology is changing the way politicians connect with people. This technology allows the politician to build a quick and easy website, and the website will accept followers. Each follower will receive weekly emails and more. This will surely help voters feel like they are involved in the campaign.


Sean Penn’s New Adventure – Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Celebrities don’t have to just retire after their acting career. Some of them have shown that it is possible for them to pursue their hobbies and bring name and fame at the same time. After all, they are entering a different phase in life and into what they hope will be a long beneficial transition. Take for example, Sean Penn who is an acclaimed actor in the Hollywood industry and who has bagged many awards and recognition since more than three decades. Now that he is away doing things that he always wanted to do – writing – he seems to enjoy the phase as a writer which he clearly indicates in his recent interview to Vogue magazine.


Nothing would ever be accomplished if every controversy or accusation turned into a war, says Sean Penn in his interview. When the host asks about his friendship with Late Venezuelan President and controversy regarding his reaction to #MeToo movement, it seems he has nothing to hide. A good outcome is when all agree to a result. This outcome can be reconciled. Unfortunately, not every person you meet believes in this theory, according to Penn. Penn says he has experienced situations where he could not get his acting career moving forward in the past couple of years. Like he said, nothing is worse than a job, at any level of performance, that is stuck at some point. That is exactly what Penn is going through and trying to avoid.


Nevertheless, Sean Penn has his own rule of thumb when dealing with adversities in life. He says making peace with what you believe in is the utmost thing every person needs to have in order to be successful. Prior to discussing his new novel, he talks about how he overcame anxiety in this respect and how he is doing after his retirement from Hollywood. Sean Penn’s new novel titled “”Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” shows his creativity in writing as well as how he spends his free time. This novel is about a fictional character who leads a double life as a skilled labor and hired killer.

William Saito: Work Progress in Venture Capitalism

William Saito was born in March 1971. He is a Japanese-American businessperson and venture capitalist. Saito is also the former adviser to the Japanese government in line with cyber security who resigned from this government position. Having been born in Los Angeles, California, William Saito’s parents immigrated to the United States from Japan in 1969. Saito graduated in 1987 from Damien High School located in La Verne, California. He later attended the University of California, Riverside from 1988 to 1992. At the same time, Saito was a student in Riverside’s joint Biomedical Science program with the University of California in Los Angeles.


William Saito’s career began as a computer security venture while he was at junior high school. Along the way, Saito developed several technologies such as the software that displays Japanese characters in English and a fingerprint recognition software that was embraced by Sony among others. He later sold one of his asset software to Microsoft in 2014 and moved to Japan where he became an active venture capitalist. Here, Saito invested rapidly in many Japanese startups. He was labelled in the World Economic Forum in 2011 as a Young Global Leader. William Saito is an active member of several boards both private and public companies. Saito offers advice to government on various national strategies such as innovations, cybersecurity, education, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, his knowledge does not go to waste since he lectures at universities and moves across the countries giving talks on Abenomics. Along with his career life, William Saito founded an international tech advisory firm that earned him income from the speeches he gave and consulting services.


Saito is a generous man since his incomes did not go into personal expenditure but supported students through a scholarship scheme. Saito feels that Japan has been affected in areas of venture capital, entrepreneurship, business, and innovations among others societal issues. His views are that the women in the society have been underutilized which means that there are many chances that are lost especially in labor force. He is optimistic that many companies will transform and learn to empower and encourage women as well as the younger generations to be resilient and optimistic in life. To add to the same, Saito encourages young minds and adults to begin craving for global exposure and choose to work for companies that build great teams irrespective of diversities in background and experiences.


For him to remain productive in the venture capital business, Saito believes in surrounding himself with globally-minded people, being resourceful in the journey, innovative, and creative enough. With time, they grow into management posts and some working as part owners. Saito’s main work is to empower the individuals at work and creating a good network with the responsive individuals. He invests largely in global markets and he believes in the success of Japan regarding the manufacture of quality products and services that he can invest in future.


Southridge Capital: From The Ground Up

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital helps to advise public companies and structure their finances. Knowing their expertise, most companies usually decide to hire Southridge Capital to look over the financial sector of their company in totality. Financing over 250 companies, Southridge is aware of what issues companies may have to face in corporate and provides them with the solutions to help them succeed. Southridge’s services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice (if the situation arises) and Legal Settlement Services. Southridge also offers companies their Equity Purchase Agreement which helps them raise capital despite any conditions that the market may be in. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Southridge Capital has a 5-person management team. Members of this team include Founder, Stephon M. Hicks, Narine Persuad, Laurence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent and Linda Carlsen. Each member uses their individual expertise to make things work on a day to day basis. Southridge Capital doesn’t just stay inside of their corporate offices, they get involved on the ground floor as well. They participate in community outreach through volunteering and donating to numerous charities. Stephen Hicks and his wife, Mary, created the Daystar Foundation to streamline this aspect of their work. Southridge Capital makes sure that no stone goes unturned when it comes to helping those that may be less fortunate. They don’t only offer money. Southridge makes sure to offer their time as well. You can visit their website

Southridge has been in operation since 1996 and this has played a major part in their success over the years. This has given them the innate knowledge that you gained only after being in the business for over two decades and is one of the main reasons why companies continue to enlist their services. Financing 250 companies has grown them into being true masters of their wheelhouse. Since their inception, Southridge has directly invested over 1.8 billion dollars into various companies and, in 2018, Southridge continues to create custom financial plans for their clients and execute without fail.

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End Citizens United Is Making Major Moves To End Political Corruption

When it comes to finally pushing away all of the influence that big money has been to exert on the world of politics, there are a number of citizens who would like to make the necessary changes. That is where groups like End Citizens United come into play. This political action committee is dedicated to target Republican Congressional candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

To that end, they have created a group of the most egregious offenders on that side of the aisle. This list is known as the Big Money 20 and it includes some of the most well-known politicians in the country. Even Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) is not exempt from the ire of End Citizens United.

The political action committee believes that the group they have targeted is most responsible for the current state of affairs. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Dean Heller of Nevada are also among the prominent names listed.

Like End Citizens United on Facebook

Americans who are tired of watching politicians prioritize special interests over their most crucial needs are coming out to support these sorts of committees. Instead of allowing the nation’s elected officials to serve their needs before considering the needs of others, it is time for groups like End Citizens United to finally put an end to the chicanery.

According to, politicians have been able to accept donations that lead directly to decisions that do not benefit the American people in any meaningful way for far too long. Instead of passing legislation that is meant to benefit the people who are pulling the strings, these strings are now going to be cut so that the general public can have the peace of mind that they deserve.

This political action committee set a simple goal for itself: raise $10 million more than what was raised during the 2016 elections. This places their goal at a whopping $35 million. End Citizens United is quietly confident about their chances to unseat some of the Big Money 20 because so many of them are facing an uphill road to re-election.

In order to achieve their fundraising goals, the committee must rely on a bevy of donations from their 3 million members. Donations are capped at $5,000 per donor but this is not expected to put a damper on their initiative. Reform messaging is only going to take on added importance in the years to come and thanks to groups like End Citizens United, politicians who are accepting money under false pretenses are being placed on notice.

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A Snapshot of the Life of Wes Edens

Describing Wes Edens as a businessman would not completely and fully describe him because he is a man of vested with various experience including being a renowned investor and an owner of a sports team. Mr. Edens happens to be a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks which is a National Basketball Association (NBA) and consequently owns the League of Legends team FlyQuest. He is one of the most prolific figures in the American business market. Currently, he lives in New York.Wesley Robert Edens is the Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group which is a globally recognized alternative asset manager. They founded this Group alongside other 4 four principal partners like Pete, Rob, Randy, and Mike. He studied at Oregon State University and received B.S. in Finance and Business Administration by 1984. His career journey dates back in 1987 at Lehman Brothers where he served as the managing director and partner up to 1993. Later he occupied the same positions at BlackRock Asset Investors.

The investment strategies of Wes can be described as based on creative financing, and building businesses from his investments. From 1998 to 2003 he served as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group LLC and Newcastle investment Holdings LCC up to 2007. He has also served as the President and CEO of Global Signal Inc. and at Capstead Mortgage Corp. He has worked at Eurocastle Investment Ltd and in Capstead Mortgage Corp. as its CEO. He has been the head of Global Principal Finance Group and the Managing Director at Union Bank located in Switzerland.

In addition, he has also served at Drive Shack Inc. where he was the Director and Chairman. Currently, Mr. Wes serves Fortress Credit Corporation as the Principal and Co-Chairman. He also happens to be the Chairman of New Senior Investment Group Inc. Edens has served at Mapeley Limited as the Director and Chairman and also in New Media Investment Group as the Chairman. The services of Wes also extend to being the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, New Residential Investment Corp and in SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. As a matter of fact, it is incredible how one person could have all these achievements and actually, the named ones are not all.Over one decade ago, Wes Edens was at number 369 in the Forbes World’s Billionaires list with a net worth of $2.5 billion. He is married to his lovely wife Lynn and blessed with 4 children. He likes mountain climbing and also horse-jumping as part of his hobby.


For a top-notch American food company like OSI Food Solutions, brokering deals and purchasing key food companies and food brands has helped to boost OSI’s successful expansion into Europe

Created in Illinois in 1909 as Otto & Sons Inc. — a family meat business — OSI Food Solutions is currently a 100 plus year-old, international food company, with a $6.1 billion dollar value. OSI Food Solutions has approximately 20,000 employees.

Under the senior tutelage of OSI’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, the Illinois based food company had garnered some impressive awards and distinctions in the food industry. A subsidiary of OSI Food Solutions was presented with the Globe of Honour award in December 2016. This award is presented to those companies that do business in the UK, and also achieve a high level of eminence for their environmental safety record.

In December 2016, OSI acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a subsidiary of the Flagship Food Group. Flagship is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe — a food service company based in the UK — includes sauces, pies, mayonnaise, dressings, frozen poultry, and sous video products as part of their product line. David McDonald — the president of OSI — asserted that the addition of Flagship Europe into OSI’s consortium of food companies will provide a much greater market presence in Europe for OSI.

In Spain, OSI Food Solutions purchased additional capital as part of their plan to double the company’s chicken production volume. The implementation of this high volume production line in the Spanish city of Toledo will help to increase OSI’s production number from the original 12 thousand tonnage level of chicken to 24 thousand tons. Currently, OSI Food Solutions yields approximately 45 thousand tons of chicken, pork, and beef products, yearly.

In June 2016, OSI Food Solutions bought the Tyson Food plant, which was located in Chicago, Illinois. OSI purchased this Tyson facility for $74 million. The location was convenient because of its close proximity to OSI’s other Chicago facilities. By purchasing this plant, OSI believes that it will boost long-term growth. This acquisition was a way to use their new infrastructure to spur additional production capacity.

OSI Food Solutions and their subsidiaries offer employment opportunities in Europe (OSI Group and its subsidiaries offer employment opportunities in Europe — this includes UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland — the Americas, and in the Asia-Pacific markets.

OSI states on their website that they believe that their employees drive the company’s success. OSI Food Solutions has been recognized for their innovation, commitment, and dedication to a very inclusive work staff.

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