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Author Solutions is a leading provider of self-publishing services with over ten self-publishing imprints globally. They always believe that every story has to start with an idea, so there’ve strived to help over 200,000 authors publish 300,000 titles. One way authors benefit from their service is that they get access to valuable industry insight, contacts, and resources that’s key to helping them attain their desired success.

The author’s definition of success varies. That being the case, authors should know that this self-publishing company can help them in their journey of success, whether that involves having their story made into a film or having their book in different bookstores.

Being among the leading firms in the self-publishing industry, Author Solutions has played a critical role in betting authors’ lives thanks to their AuthorCentric self-publishing process. Also, the firm has always let the authors retain control over their creation.

This means that experts in the self-publishing industry guide authors, but they control aspects like proofreading and editing. Authors also get to choose their preferred cover design and page layout. Author Solutions professional’s role is to ensure that the book authors create is in line with their vision.

The self-publishing leader has also partnered with leading publishers like Ingram and Indigo Chapters and HarperCollins Christian. Such partnerships are vital to helping authors achieve publishing success at a lower cost and without the need to seek industry contacts continually. Refer to this article for more information.

One way for any potential author to learn about Author Solutions impact on their lives is by checking out what authors who’ve worked with the firm say about its operation. In their testimonials, one of the authors, Jan Booth, points out that Buddy Dow, one of the company’s professionals, isn’t just committed to excellence but is a person of integrity.


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