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Alexander PayneAlexander Payne, a renowned filmmaker, writer and director of several films, including citizen Ruth in 1996, the election in 1999, and The Descendants in 2011, among other films, had all the reasons to celebrate on the night of the 84th Annual Academy Awards. But, first, he won an award, an Oscar for the best and humorous adapted screenplay for The Descendant film. The descendant is a film telling a story about how a certain family man found out his wife, who was in a coma by the time, was cheating on him.

The guy is not new to awards in this category as he has won a lot in the past. In 2005, alexander Payne celebrated another achievement. He won another Oscar award for the same category, the best-adapted screenplay following the release of his sideways film in 2004, which by the way, got nominated in four other categories. This can only prove how good Payne does his work. His excellent work was evident in this very film, sideways since it received up to seven different nominations at the Golden Globes Awards in the same year. Here, it got other trophies for two different categories, the best screenplay-motion picture category and the best motion picture-comedy and musical, which was in 2005. But before then, the film he named, About Schmidt also made him happy and proud following its five different nominations in the same golden globe awards in 2003. This film got him the Best Screenplay statue award, while Jack Nicholson received the Best Actor statue award. There’s still more to his success in film that will interest you to know. In 1999, The Election film was also a success. The film got nominated for the best screenplay category in Oscar awards, and it also brought him the best director title and best film award in the independent spirit awards.

Alexander Payne

Payne, the youngest of three boys, was born and raised in Omaha to a German and Greek father and a Greek mother. You can say without a doubt that the guy has had a successful career. This is evident from all the awards he received in the past. That’s what one gets for being passionately in love with your job like Payne is.