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Happy Joe’s Pizza shop and Ice Cream Parlor is a pizzeria in Bettendorf, IA. Founded in 1972 by Lawrence J. Joe Whittier, the concept was inspired by a combination of a pizza and ice cream shop. With locations throughout the Midwest and Southeast, Happy Joe’s serves authentic dishes. The chain was started in 1972 after Happy Joe Whitty was fired at Shakey’s Pizza for throwing a birthday party for a little boy. 


Birthday parties became a central part of the business, just like the signature tacos made by the restaurant and the ice cream-based yogurt, Joegurt. For the past 50 years, community involvement has been essential to Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream’s mission. 


To achieve our goals, at Happy Joe’s we must continue to give back to the communities around us so they can improve themselves. We do this through our annual fundraising events, where we provide students with back to school packages. From now through the year’s close, the iconically Midwestern pizza company is reviving its top three fundraising options for schools or organizations looking for fun ways to raise money:


Often while getting Happy Joe’s valuable discounts.The most common method used by Happy Joe’s american pizza parlor is their Happy Fundraising Card program. These cards offer over $40 in savings at all stores and are accepted at all locations (Facebook). 

Groups can buy these cards for $1 and resell them for $5. At Happy Joe´s, this provides groups with an additional $4 they could spend elsewhere. Another benefit of this program is that the American pizza parlor doesn’t charge any fees to groups participating in this fundraiser. An organization can also benefit from hosting a 5-Hour Fundraiser, to which guests are invited; funds raised go directly to the nonprofit, not to the restaurant.