The Success Story of Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade

CAOA is well known for being the largest automobile manufacturing and distribution company located in Latin America. More than forty years ago, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade ordered a car from a Ford dealership, but the company went bankrupt before the car was delivered. He then proposed that the ownership of the company be transferred to him so as to compensate for the payment he had made for the car. This is how CAOA was born.

In 1992, the Brazilian government allowed businesses to import vehicle. Dr. Carlos took advantage of the opportunity, and it began to import Renault vehicle for distribution in Brazil. Within a short time, CAOA became a leader when it comes to imported cars. After some few years, CAOA’s partnership with a French automaker ended and the company stopped importing Renault vehicle. In 1998, Dr. Carlos shifted the focus of his company to the importation of Subaru vehicles, and it became an exclusive importer Subaru brand from Japan.

When Dr. Carlos and his company began selling Subaru brands in Brazil, Subaru sales within the country triple in a period of one year. In 1999, the sale of Hyundai vehicles in Brazil was unsuccessfully represented which made CAOA start selling the brand. With Dr. Carlos’s marketing strategy, the Hyundai brand became a market leader in relation to imported cars.

In 2007, Dr. Carlos inaugurated the CAOA Automobile Assembly which was the first automaker ever in Brazil. The plant was Dr. Carlos’s dream and he spent USD$600 million to build it which made him considered as the “Entrepreneur of the Year within the Industry. In 2015, he inaugurated the Research and Energy Efficiency Center plant which was for researching new engines and vehicles. It also conducts research concerning new products to be launched in the near future.

Currently, through Dr. Carlos’s efforts, CAOA is represented in the Brazilian region. It also an exclusive importer of Subaru and Hyundai brands in Brazil. Since Dr. Carlos established the company, it has managed to sell more than one million vehicles that were sold in Brazil.

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