Jacob Gottlieb Planning to Re-Enter the Investment Field after a Short Break

Jacob Gottlieb is amongst the most successful investment managers in the United States and was the founder of the Visium Asset Management that went on to manage assets worth $8 billion under his leadership. The investment and healthcare expert has made a lot of money from his ability and his skills to look through the market trends and provide his fund in the right direction to grow. It is for this reason the healthcare fund that he started went on to become one of the biggest and the most successful health care fund in the market.

Jacob Gottlieb, however, had to go through a bad phase when his company Visium Asset Management was surrounded by the controversy involving insider trading by some of the company’s portfolio managers. It eventually led to the closure of his company and liquidating of his fund and the company. It didn’t break his resolve though to stay close to the finance and investment industry and in a recent interview, even hinted that he might make a comeback soon. Many experts in the industry believe that the break he took after the closure of his company was the time he took to liquidate the company and is now free to devote considerable portion of his time to take his family asset management firm named Altium Capital to the level of Visium Asset Management in a matter of few years.

Jacob Gottlieb has proved again that there is nothing that can stop him from being successful. He is set to make a comeback and hoping it to be a strong one. He believes that one should not let a setback stop them from achieving their dreams and it is time for him to rise above the problems and do what is right for him and his family.