NewsWatch TV and Their Interesting Reviews

NewsWatch TV is a news media outlet for television. They air content regarding technology, entertainment and consumer topics. The topics they broadcast and discuss include interviews with celebrities, consumer news, app reviews for mobile devices and sponsored consumer reviews for electronics.

NewsWatch has received recognition for the topics they broadcast and the media the put out. They have been focusing on consumer technology and consumer technology reviews in their programming. They air their television programming on AMC and ION networks. They air their content for 30 minutes on the networks they are affiliated with.

Saygus is a smartphone producer and manufacturer. They sought to promote their new line of smartphones they had created via broadcasting with NewsWatch TV. They instated and hired NewsWatch TV in order to partner their reviews for them. They air the reviews on their segments and shows for the networks NewsWatch TV works with. There are also online campaigns which benefit all of NewsWatch TV’s partnerships. Saygus has been able to benefit from the online campaigns. NewsWatch TV made the decision to travel to Barcelona, Spain, to film, edit and produce the segments at the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona. The launch was in regard to the smartphone launch and Indiegogo campaign.

The team of Saygus commented on their satisfaction with NewsWatch TV’s services for their product campaign and reviews. The Saygus Indiegogo Campaign was able to exceeding meet their goal funds and surpass it. They saw goal funds of over $1.3 Million. They had exceeded their goal by $300,000. Saygus said they would highly recommend the programming to drive sales. They have been involved in market and media recognition. NewsWatch TV delivered on what the company wanted to broadcast to media and accomplish the message.