Yanni Hufnagel in College Basketball

Yanni Hufnagel joined the coaching staff for the Vanderbilt Commodores as an assistant coach, recruiter and scout. Hufnagel brings years of basketball coaching and talent scouting to the Commodores and was heartily welcomed to the team by Coach Stallings.

Hufnagel graduated from Cornell with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Labor and Relations in 2006 before going to Oklahoma State and getting his Master’s of Education degree with an emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. He quickly found an internship with the then-New Jersey, now Brooklyn Nets where he helped the front office prepare for the NBA draft that year.

He then became a graduate assistant to the men’s basketball team back at Oklahoma. In this position he overhauled the college’s recruitment database and helped the team as a workout coach and assisted the regular coaching staff.

After Oklahoma, Yanni Hufnagel moved to Harvard and was an assistant coach and recruiter beginning in their 2010-2011 season. During this season with Yanni Hufnagel as coach the Harvard Crimson set a program record-setting season. Throughout his tenure through the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 season they got steadily better, always turning in 20+ win seasons.

In his role as recruiter for Harvard Hufnagel and the recruiting department got numerous awards and recognition for their keen eye for talent. CBS Sports and ESPN in particular covered his role as a talent recruiter and CBS Sports named him to their “dream team” for coaches in 2011.

Hufnagel seems happy to be joining Vanderbilt, appreciating the University’s family-oriented culture and looking forward to working on the court with the players and getting on the recruitment trail to find new talent. Hufnagel’s eye for talent is a proven one: He has recruited and coached Jeremy Lin of the Atlanta Hawks at Harvard, and Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons at Oklahoma.

Randal Nardoneand Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nordone is the brain behind the success of the Fortress Group. As a result of his dedication in making Fortress Group successful, he has gained wealth enabling him to be ranked position 557 on the Forbes billionaire list. His success in founding and running the Fortress Investment Group arises from his academic qualifications and experience. Randal Nordone is a holder of Bachelor of Arts from Connecticut University. In addition, he got his J.D. at Boston University. After co-founding of the Fortress Group Investment back in 1998, Nardone has held numerous portfolios within the organization including Chief Executive Officer since 2013.

When Randal Nordone and his co-founder begun the Fortress Investment Group, they expected to encounter competition from other players within the market. Fortress Investment offers financial services to its wide range of clients such as private equity, liquid markets, credit and traditional asset management. In the course of financial services to a diverse group of customers, the organization has been able to develop tailor-made solutions to fit the clients. One of the aspects that have made it possible for Fortress Investment Group to remain competitive in the experience of Randal Nordone in dealing with customers in the financial sector. As a result of interacting with customers, Randal had new ideas that he implemented to ensure Fortress experienced growth.

Together with Wes Eden, Nardone was able to demonstrate his skills and ability in delivering financial services to the customers of Fortress Investment Group. In the course of running the Fortress, Nardone has gained a significant amount of experience enabling him to grow his professionalism and financial analyst. His impact as a financial analyst and consultant in Fortress Investment has been tremendously allowing the clients to grow their business. Through his time in Fortress, he has enabled the clients both individuals clients and companies to gain financial growth. During his early age, Nardone intended to deal with matter legal. After working in various firms in the legal department, he was exposed to the financial field, and as a result, he understood how to interlink the two of them. After a while of doing the two careers, Nardone decided to concentrate on the financial aspect rather than legal. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Founder’s Favorite Book, Bitcoin Knowledge and Financial Structuring Expertise Related To Southridge Capital

There are already a lot of articles written about the progression, changes, work timeline and growth of the financial solutions company, Southridge Capital LLC. However, not many of these articles provide insight into where the company is going and the direction its executives are planning. This is the kind of insider information that may only be found in sources with direct words from the executives of Southridge. Some of these sources would definitely be the ones from Crunchbase’ news section as well as the interview that Southridge Founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks did with Crunchbase.



The Crunchbase News



One of the most recent news linked to the Crunchbase profile of Southridge Capital is the one from Analyst of Finance, entitled “Southridge Capital: So You’d Like…”. The article is a preview of the ideas, concept, breakdown and risks that people need to visualize when understanding bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. It is there that people can learn how Southridge Capital is leveraging its expertise in finance to develop methods that can maximize exposure to benefit of bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. It is there that Southridge Capital shared its analysis of how bitcoin stays as a mysterious form of payment system up to today. The fact that not many people understand what it is adds to its illusory value, magnetizing appeal and surprising benefits that not many people may yet realize. The feature also highlighted the TxStreet.com website, which is a place to get real-time transaction data to understand and get better visual of what cryptocurrency is today.



Ideamensch Interview



On the other hand, the interview that Southridge Capital founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks did at Ideamensch establishes some of the important data people should know about the company. It is there that people can learn that Mr. Hicks founded Southridge in 1996, and has made it active in the investment industry for over 30 years already. Hicks has also extensive experience in risk arbitrage, financial structuring and derivatives. All of these are essential attributes in growing Southridge Capital to its best potential today. The interview also revealed that Mr. Hicks’ favorite book is “Titan”, the story of how Rockefeller became the great success story that he is.


Click here: https://www.facebook.com/Southridge-Capital-118716878160402/



OSI Industries Re-Introduced As Largest Food Group In The Industry

Enjoy A Stabilized Food Group Diet

The OSI Food Solutions Group has been known as a premiere food group, but have been recently, re-introduced as the world’s largest food group. They’re responsible for feeding thousands of families a safe meal each day. OSI Food Solutions pride themselves in being premium food processors allowing them to become the recipients of the 2016 British Safety Council Awards. They were proud to be recognized by a strict panel of judges on the food processing model. To date, they will continue to be one of the only food networks willing to answer to a stabilized food network.

OSI Food Solutions Business News

The popular OSI Food Solutions Group is proud to also be one of the top 100 food companies in the world. They’ve been able to earn that title by processing complete organic food contents. In fact, OSI was one of the first to answer to the strict guideline set forth by the food industry. They’re responsible for processing hot dogs, frozen patties, vegetables, desserts, pie fillings, frozen poultry, and more. You’ll be glad that you can have a completely, organic meal to feed your family through OSI Food Solutions.

International Food Group News

The popular OSI Industries Food Corp. has been able to give back to the same communities they serve. It has been a success for their international EU deal. They will process their frozen restaurant patties and patties to create jobs and expand the business portfolio for everyone involved. The partnership continues to be a success with an estimated networth of millions of dollars. They will also process their signature organic vegetables with a successful Dutch, Baho Food deal. Learn more about how you can become a part of their diverse work group by browsing their career listings on their website.

Read More: www.bundesverband-systemgastronomie.de/osi-food-solutions.html

Peter Briger: Bitcoin Investments are Profitable

Crypto assets have been making headlines in the recent times. There are millions of investors who are interested in this investment opportunity because of the benefits that come with the cryptocurrencies. There are, however, very few personalities who understand this form of currencies so well, and this is why few people have the courage to talk about them. So much has been said about these investments. Although there have been a lot of news about Bitcoins and other assets, many investors have been left out because they are scared they will end up losing their hard earned money. Peter Briger and his company have completely different opinions. This businessman has spoken about Bitcoins for the first time, and he has received a lot of support from his company.

Peter Briger is one of the few personalities who founded one of the leading financial services companies in the entire world, known as Fortress Investment Group. The company has won hearts in all its clients because of the milestones it has been achieving in the last two decades. Briger and his co-founders wanted to form a company that was going to meet the standards of the modern customers, and he partnered with the personalities who made this dream a reality. Few years after the company was founded, it has been growing and at the same time venturing into new markets. Despite the issues that come with running an international company, Peter Briger has been fortunate to become very wealthy, and he is currently listed as one of the most influential personalities when it comes to wealth. Forbes recently announced that Peter was among the wealthy individuals in the United States.

While speaking about Bitcoins in a recent conference, Peter said that he is motivating all American investors to forge ahead and make investments in crypto assets. The businessman said that this investment opportunity was ideal for the individuals who wanted to make an impact in the society. Bitcoins have been in the market for some years now, and they have already proven that they have the potential to grow in the future. Peter Briger advocates for the investments in this area because they are more profitable. The businessman and his company say that the risk of losses for the individuals who have invested in Bitcoin are quite low compared to the personalities who have invested in other departments. Peter has said that his company will support the individuals who have similar goals.