Boraie Development, Making Its First Strides in Over Four Decades

It has been a long time coming for Boraie Development. Boraie, a company created by Omar Boraie in 1972, has served its clients diligently by offering high-end construction solutions to the global audience. The institution, having focused its services on the urban real estate market, has been able to accomplish some amazing things.



Indeed, says, the global property segment has never been the same again since Boraie Development got created. So, what are some of the things that have made the corporation tick? Boraie, since its inception, has worked with some of the best builders and contractors in the world. The Development partner, all thanks to its alliances, has been able to reach places only a few institutions in its niche have been able to conquer.



For instance, Boraie Development has since made a significant comeback with the realization of the Shaq Towers. The building is unlike anything you have ever seen, a masterpiece creation of the one and only Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal, as you are aware, is one of the wealthiest ex-athletes having made a fortune as a basketball player.



O’Neal’s plan from the very beginning has been to transform Newark, his hometown, something he has recently accomplished after constructing the Shaq Towers. Like I said, Shaq Towers is a real masterpiece that has placed Boraie Development on the global cartogram. The project which cost a whooping seventy-nine million dollars is currently the talk of the town since the building hosts over a hundred state-of-the-art market-rate apartments.



According to WSJ, Shaquille’s move to transform Newark has gotten welcomed by many. Boraie Development, the Governor, and Mayor among other dignitaries have thanked Mr. O’Neal for never forgetting his roots. Shaq Towers might be up and running but Mr. O’Neal still has greater plans to his hometown.



Boraie Development and Shaquille are planning on another project, a one hundred and fifty million dollar undertaking that will transform McCarter Highway in more ways than one. The project which is already on the track gets set to grind to a halt come 2019. For sure, the management at Boraie Development including Wasseem Boraie feels confident that all will go well. Recall, Boraie has been working closely with the city’s planning department and so getting all the right approvals will be a walk in the park.



A company that has been in existence for decades is now making all the right moves because of partnering with the deep-pocketed Shaquille O’Neal.