OSI Group, LLC Doubles its Chicken Output and Its Market Reach

The OSI Group, LLC is an international food production company that is located in 17 countries across the globe. This company is known for producing beef, chicken and pork products. They are also known for their many other products which are used to provide groceries to millions of families. In March of 2018 the company opened another production plant that will be used to produce up to 24,000 tons of chicken.

The new chicken production plant will be set up in Toledo, Spain. Once the plant is up and running it will double OSI Group chicken output. There is a high demand for chicken in Spain and its neighboring country to the north, Portugal. This plant will help to meet that demand. The new plant will also bring more jobs into the area. The demand for chicken has been steadily increasing within these countries. Right now, people in Spain and Portugal are consuming more chicken. This trend is expected to increase until the early 2020’s.

This new addition to OSI Food Solutions will utilizes updated technology for meat processing. The facility will have lots of room for housing and processing goods. Their will also be a new kitchen added to the facility that will be used for product testing purposes. The building will also have state of the art security and safety measures that will protect the property and its assets.

OSI Food Solutions will continue to produce other meat products as well. Their goal is to meet the market demand for more of the products that they serve. This company is very popular in the areas where they are located. They provide many grocery chains with goods. OSI Group, LLC. is dedicated to the food production industry. Their many years of experience with serving high quality meat products has helped them to become a very competitive food company that many consumers appreciate.