Securus Technologies Key in Helping Fugitive Hunters

We received the word that a very dangerous fugitive was on the loose in our city, and it was time to put everything aside to bring this person into custody before anyone else was hurt. Knowing this was his hometown, he had plenty of familiar faces that would be willing to harbor him and keep him from being caught easily. With shelter, cash, drugs, and transportation, it would be harder for us to be able to get our suspect using conventional methods.


The trouble we had with this suspect was that not only was the town afraid of him and would not talk for fear of retribution, his close network of family and friends were shielding him from the authorities. This was not going to be a case where informants would give us that lead which would put us in the same location as the fugitive, but we did know who might be will to talk. Back at the local prison, the inmates knew our suspect well. Not only did he have friends and family in jail, he had enemies. We made it clear when we arrived who we were hunting for, and no one had anything to say.


Knowing the jail was equipped with the call monitoring system from Securus Technologies, we knew as soon as these inmates ran to the phones, we would be able to start collecting evidence. Securus Technologies is in 2,500 jails and the company objective is making the world safe, we planned to put that to the ultimate test. Hours later, we heard a conversation between an inmate and his friend, and they were discussing our fugitive. Seems that this fugitive owed someone a large sum of money, and he wanted to send someone to collect. We sent a team instead to intercept the meeting and arrest the suspect.