Don’t Stress About The Party

When planning a party, things can get stressful fast! Being stressed and on edge can make it hard for those throwing the party to actually let loose and enjoy the event. Whether it is a child’s birthday party or an adult’s retirement party, it is always important that everyone, included the planner, gets to enjoy themselves! Follow these professional event planner’s tips for a less stressful event:


  1. Keep things simple: From the food that is served to the decorations that are used, don’t get too complex. There’s too many little things that go into an event to get hung up on the most elaborate decorations! Flowers in a mason jar on the center of each table can go a long way! Serve easy foods such as little grilled cheese sandwiches or pasta salad on a stick. Finger foods will be easiest for everyone to enjoy while out dancing or socializing!


  1. Make sure to get and stay organized: Start a list of everything that needs to get done and prioritize it from things that need to be accomplished sooner than others. When things have been done, check it off the list. This will help to stay on task and make sure that everything becomes accomplished!


  1. Make a guest list and send out the invitations: You can’t have an event without guests! Make sure that you have everyone you would like on the list as early as possible so if you’re missing any addresses, you can be sure to get them before it’s too late!


  1. Stay relaxed: As hard as this step is, it’s always important to remain calm, collected and relaxed! When you’re stressed and antsy, more things tend to go wrong. If you just remain calm and relaxed and trust that everything will get accomplished, everything will flow so much smoother!


If planning your own event isn’t something you are in to, you can always hire an event planner! Event planning companies in NYC as well as corporate event planners in NYC are always there and willing to help you out! Twenty Three Layers is a full service event planning company that serves the New York City area. They only hire the best of the best with creative and energetic personalities to help ensure that they give you the party you’ve always imagined and so much more!