Starting a Business

There are many people today who are interesting in starting their own business. However, this is a difficult goal to accomplish. Competition is higher than ever before, and you need to be prepared to take things to the next level quickly. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with Sweet Green, which is a healthy restaurant that specializes in salads. With the rising interest in healthy eating, it is no wonder that so many people are starting new restaurants in this area of the industry.


Nathaniel Ru


From the time he was young, Nathaniel Ru has always wanted to own his own business. There are a lot of people who try and fail in this area. Although the start was tough to get through, Nathaniel Ru now has a sustainable business that is growing rapidly. If you want to invest for the future, he is a great person to learn from. He has a track record of success in building a great business that meets the needs of his customers.




When you first start out in business, you need to make sure you have a financial plan for success. A lot of people just assume that customers will come rushing in as soon as you open the doors. In reality, you need to have a large amount of capital in the bank to get you through months that do not produce as much profit. It took Nathaniel Ru about a year to become profitable as a business. As the business grows, you need to have the processes that scale along with it. A lot of people today simply do not have the patience that is required to get a business going.


Next Steps


In the future, Nathaniel Ru wants to continue to grow his business with other locations. Spreading out is never easy, but he knows this is the best way for his company to get to the next level. He is a great example of the impact that hard work and strategic planning can make on a business. Sweet Green is set up for success over the next couple of years.