IAP Worldwide Makes the Impossible Possible

IAP Worldwide Services is a company based in the U.S that provides professional and technical services for those in the private sectors in the world and government departments. For more than six decades, the company has been providing emergency responses, supply chains, network communications, custom-designed infrastructure, operation and maintenance and also permanent and temporary power services and solutions.

IAP worldwide services are known both on the social media and real life as a reliable and responsive company that always exceeds their client’s expectations. The workers in the company play a significant role in establishing its reputation by adopting their customer’s missions and handling them personally. IAP Worldwide Services has more than 2000 employees and operates in more than 25 countries around the world. Their employment fields range from general managers, accounting, construction, engineering, operations, logistics and many other areas of specialization. The company believes in teamwork, and that is why they bring together individuals with unique talents who are passionate about their future to form a united team of employees.

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IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

Several years ago, IAP owed $534 million to their first lien lenders and $125 million to the second lien lenders. To avoid bankruptcy, IAP Worldwide Services hired the services of Kaye Scholer to assist in the capital restructuring. Kaye Scholer is a well-known legal firm in Washington D.C since it has National Security, regulatory compliance department and government contracts. From their expertise, Kaye turned 80% of the first lien debt into equity, bought the second lien debt and also availed 50% million charge account credit line.

IAP Worldwide Services has managed to maintain an excellent reputation which has seen it win bigger and profitable contracts. Recently, the company won a deal with the U.S Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract system where they are expected to provide commanding officers with critical information by posting data, processing information, and disseminating Intelligence, Surveillance, concerning the operational environments, weather and terrain. Also, the company has secured a contract with the US Navy which was worth up to $900 million. In the deal, IAP is to provide the U.S Navy with a full range of military actions, consequent construction in support of natural catastrophes, humanitarian efforts and officeholder breaks in service at locations around the world.

To meet its growth strategy, IAP recently acquired TCNS and OK (A&L) from an aviation and logistic company based in Oklahoma City. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business (TCNS) provides engineering information technology and communications support, and Ok (A&L) provide aircraft repair management, logistics and mission support. In reaction to Hurricane Matthew, IAP has played a significant role in providing help and power support. Besides, it has posted teams to the support bases on the East Coast and has promised to assist the various critical states as it has always done in the previous hurricanes.

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Call Handy Inc. for On-Demand Home Cleaning or Ikea Furniture Delivery

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an on-demand service provider, who could do it all? This niche might be filled in the future by the enterprising Handy Inc. brand, based out of New York. The Handy on-demand service provides cleaning and furniture delivery; is tax preparation next?

“What do you need?”

On-demand services are like having your own personal butler. This is a great way for busy urban dwellers and professionals to save time. You just might not feel like cleaning your condominium yourself. Certainly, you don’t want to carry furniture up all those stairs or through that service elevator.

While other on-demand cleaning services, like Exec, Mopp and HomeJoy have gone under, Handy Inc. stays in-business. One reason is its diversification, like offering furniture delivery and assembly for a flat fee, starting at $49 per item. Handy Inc. is active in 28 cities.

“Buy Ikea Items from Handy’s Website”

You can visit Handy’s website to check out which Ikea furniture is available. This is a great way to raise the profile of Handy Inc., by associating it with a global brand. Handy.com is handy for satisfying all your needs.

Handy CEO and co-founder Oisin Hanrahan stated, “[t]he aim of the new service is to make customers happy. This is about taking something people are doing – buying furniture that needs to get into their homes and be assembled – and making it into a great experience.” Handy Inc. goes above and beyond the competition.

Keeping their brand name uppermost in the minds of their clients, is one of the secrets to success for service firms. Handy Inc. continues to remain relevant by offering new services to “make customers happy.”


Why Refinancing an Automobile is a Smart Financial Alternative

Refinancing an automobile is not the same type of transaction as refinancing a home mortgage. Generally, when refinancing a mortgage loan, the process involves the consolidation of credit card balances, into the new loan: and unlike that type of arrangement, refinancing an automobile is generally an effortless process. Another bonus, provided to the consumer is there are minimal fees to zero fees, attached, to refinancing an automobile loan. Refinancing an existing auto loan is, therefore, a very unique and positive financing option. The reason more persons do not refinance their respective loans is that information, within the lending marketplace, is not substantial enough, for the borrower to easily choose this favorable financial loan option. The article, which follows, provides the borrower, much, in the way of knowledge, in understanding refinancing his or her automobile.


There are four conditions, when refinancing an existing automobile loan, which provide the borrower with a sensible financial solution. The four conditions are listed below:


1—The first condition is that interest rates have declined, within the lending marketplace. When interest rates drop—even more than a few points, since the consumer has made purchase of his or her automobile—the savings, with respect to the loan arrangement—can be quite substantial. It is important for the consumer to recognize the fact, that even a mere percentage point or two, can make a vast amount of difference, with respect to the monies paid over time, as it pertains to his or her existing automobile loan. It is very important, the borrower check out refinancing his or her existing car loan, when interest rates drop.


2—Another condition, wherein, a savvy consumer is smart, in refinancing an existing auto loan is when his or her credit score has improved. When a consumer has had, in the past, a few negative items on his or her credit report; or had no credit history, when it is the car was purchased—over time, this type of situation works itself out. In example, as it pertains to the situation where negative items are found on the credit report: the consumer, during the interim period, may have invested in some secured credit cards, making his or her payments—on time—and, thus, proving his or her credit worthiness. Or, as it pertains to the preceding situation, he or she may have had a company clean up negative items—that did not belong to him or her. On top of the other positive actions, the consumer, who is consistent in making his or her auto loan payments, on time, proves his or her credit-worthiness, too. The individual, who has had no credit history, whatsoever, when purchasing his or her automobile, by making his or her payments on time, has, in effect, demonstrated that he or she may be depended upon to proceed in making payments, in a timely manner. Once, the credit score of the individual has improved, on a general basis, such an individual is in a favorable position of possibly being able to take advantage of lower interest rates. As it pertains to the two unfavorable circumstances—that being, negative items found on the credit report, and a history of no credit, such profiles can result in interest rates, as high as eighteen percent, or even more. It pays, then, for the borrower to pay his or her loan back, in a timely manner—since thin credit histories, result in higher rates of interest. This is to say, several months, wherein, the consumer demonstrates that he or she is able to make his or her payments on time, may interest a lender in refinancing that individual’s existing loan to a lower rate of interest. The consumer is wise, then, to check his or her respective credit history, prior to taking action, with regard to refinancing an automobile.


3—Another condition, which requires an individual to consider refinancing his or her automobile loan is, wherein, he or she simply did not receive the best rate possible, when purchasing his or her automobile. Additionally, just because a consumer may have had, even, a high credit score, wherein, his or her history was unblemished—does not necessarily mean, such a person, received the best rate available. The vehicle loans, too, made by many car dealers, normally, due to their nature, carry high rates. Those rates are much higher than what the average consumer deserves. Many consumers, go along too, with the higher interest rate, simply because he or she has not acquired the knowledge or experience in realizing that many of the dealer-financed arrangements, provide the consumer with rates that are a tad bit too high. The consumer must understand that the higher rate is generally a revenue stream for the dealer. Other items, too, such as rust-proofing the automobile and warranties, which are extended, represent other profit centers for the car dealer. A person, finding out such information, after-the-fact, may wish to select refinancing his or her car loan, in order to receive a lower interest rate and/or a lower payment.


4—A condition, wherein, refinancing is a sensible choice is when the individual’s financial situation is not as healthy as it was at a prior time. This form of financial deterioration, provides the consumer with the opportunity to address it, in a practical manner. Some consumers, experience setbacks—financially—and require a ready solution. It may be, with regard to the preceding situation, that refinancing an auto loan, in order to reduce payments, provides a good solution. The loan term, with regard to the re-fi option, is increased, and, as a result, the monthly payment is decreased.


Locating the lender that refinances is the most effortless step—in way of refinancing the loan. The lender, Ignition Financial, can easily educate the consumer and make refinancing his or her existing car loan a reality. In turn, his or her payments—on a monthly basis—can be reduced, freeing up cash, so he or she may experience a more vigorous and active lifestyle. When the borrower is thinking: “ I wish I could slash my payments,” the knowledgeable associates, at the preceding financial organization, can make payment reduction a reality.





Constitutional Law From a Comparative View

There are four major legal systems in the world namely common law, civil law, customary law and religious law. However, civil law is more widespread compared to the others. Countries have differences in the law making process and consequently laws are not the exact same in different countries. Comparative law studies involve the study of various countries’ laws in order to understand how they are formed and how they operate.

Constitutional law sets out the fundamental principles to which a state is governed and also defines the relationships between the branches of government within the state. Comparative constitutional law is limited to the study of the constitutions of a given set of sub-countries to determine their differences and similarities. There is no consensus as to whether it is a study of similarities or differences but some authors approach it as an analysis in which patterns are observed to determine convergence or differences in the constitutions of a particular sub-group of countries.

Comparative constitutional law gained popularity in the 21st Century as it was a newly energized field that had a broad range of interdisciplinary interest. Comparative constitutional law has seen lawyers, political scientists, sociologists and economics provide contributions on the collective understanding on how constitutions are formed and how they operate. The boundaries of comparative constitutional law are not clearly defined although scholars agree that the study of comparative constitutional law is clearly distinct from the study of comparative private law or comparative non-constitutional law.

Among the notable individuals in the field of comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry. He holds degrees from Oxford, Toronto and Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar. He is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law and comparative constitution law development. His main focus is on the basic methodological questions in comparative constitutional law. He has written constitutional design as a tool to manage the transition from violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics and he has worked as a foreign constitutional expert in support of constitutional transitions in Egypt Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.

Choudhry is also a founding director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions which generates and mobilizes knowledge in support of constitution building. This is the world’s first university-based center of its kind. His other achievements include his role as a consultant to the World Bank Institute at the World Bank and his membership at the United Nations Mediation Roster.

More information for Sujit Choudhry: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/trudeaus-legacy-pays-the-way-for-peace/article1214059/

NTC’s COO Michael O’Connell is Recognized as A Leader in the Housing and Mortgage Finance Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., services provider of research and document processing and COO Michael O’Connell receives recognition by HousingWire Magazine. The online publisher covers all the latest news within the mortgage banking and financial industry, including lending, professionals, and others. O’Connell and the company was featured in the December 2016 issue as part of the 40 Leaders Vanguard Awards program. One year after he was promoted in 2013 from vice president of client relations to COO, NTC enhanced its website. The company began offering online property reports to make accessible and correct title defects which were prevalent prior to 2014.

Michael O’Connell earned recognition as one of the 40 leaders of the Vanguard Awards, but graciously thanks the NTC Team. The prestigious trade publication honored him as C Level and Business Unit Executive in the housing and mortgage finance industries. Before the 2013 promotion, he led the sales and client relations teams for eight years, serving as divisional vice president. HousingWire Magazine is acknowledging O’Connell for his leadership role overseeing the company’s production division teams of approximately 500 or more employees. He ensures daily operations of delivering services for document production, quality control, and research studies are efficiently and successfully accomplished.

Executives, CEO John Hillman and COO O’Connell worked diligently together to address serious issues involving title defects with a solution. Nationwide Title Clearing and the executive team enhances the NTC website to provide an online property report servicer in 2014. The best solution to improve accuracy of property titles to avoid defects is to check the records for clear conveyance. It reduces the risks of wrongful foreclosures and prevents delay of property sale or transfer due to a previous lien. The necessary reports are now available online to verify assignment, tax status, encumbrance, and proof of ownership.

Nationwide Title Clearing is headquartered in Palm Harbor, FL and recently opened a new office with data center in Dallas, TX. Since 1991, the privately-owned research and document processing company provides services to residential mortgage servicers, investors, and lenders. Clients have easy access to land records and documents in over 3,500 national jurisdictions which meet county requirements. NTC’s document specialists perform all land records research, and tracking and retrieving of documents. Michael O’Connell receiving the 2016 Vanguard Awards and featuring in this month’s issue of the HousingWide Magazine validates the success of the team and NTC.

Easy Hair Care for Women

There are a lot of ways you can take care of your hair. You might have damage or are damaging your hair without realizing it, but Wen by Chaz can help your hair to look and feel better than it may have ever before.

Damage to the Hair

There are a couple of ways that you might see damage to your hair. The biggest is heat damage. When you use heat to style your hair, then you will probably notice it’s dry and it’s brittle. You can do things to correct this damage if you want to. You can use a conditioner to help fill in the holes in the hair that are from damage. You can also use an oil to help coat the hair so the damage doesn’t continue or get worse. That can work with the conditioner while it builds the hair up and the oil protects it.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The Wen by Chaz Dean shampoo and conditioner is a great combination. The shampoo helps to clean the dirt and other items from the hair. It can strip the stuff that was put on the hair to protect it so the conditioner can get in there and help it.

The conditioner does a good job of helping the hair to build back up. When there has been serous damage to the hair, it might not help the hair in one application. This is why you might want to give it a few weeks to see good results to see what it can really do for your hair. You probably won’t see a lot of change right away. You might, but it’s not likely.

There are a lot of options when you are looking at hair care, but Wen by Chaz is one that you should try. You want to try it for a while so you know what it can do and how it will help you. What are you waiting for? Get your Wen by Chaz on Sephora today.

Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity

Starting a Business

There are many people today who are interesting in starting their own business. However, this is a difficult goal to accomplish. Competition is higher than ever before, and you need to be prepared to take things to the next level quickly. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with Sweet Green, which is a healthy restaurant that specializes in salads. With the rising interest in healthy eating, it is no wonder that so many people are starting new restaurants in this area of the industry.


Nathaniel Ru


From the time he was young, Nathaniel Ru has always wanted to own his own business. There are a lot of people who try and fail in this area. Although the start was tough to get through, Nathaniel Ru now has a sustainable business that is growing rapidly. If you want to invest for the future, he is a great person to learn from. He has a track record of success in building a great business that meets the needs of his customers.




When you first start out in business, you need to make sure you have a financial plan for success. A lot of people just assume that customers will come rushing in as soon as you open the doors. In reality, you need to have a large amount of capital in the bank to get you through months that do not produce as much profit. It took Nathaniel Ru about a year to become profitable as a business. As the business grows, you need to have the processes that scale along with it. A lot of people today simply do not have the patience that is required to get a business going.


Next Steps


In the future, Nathaniel Ru wants to continue to grow his business with other locations. Spreading out is never easy, but he knows this is the best way for his company to get to the next level. He is a great example of the impact that hard work and strategic planning can make on a business. Sweet Green is set up for success over the next couple of years.