FreedomPop Amazes Mobile Phone Customers

FreedomPop may end up being the biggest names in budget mobile and internet service. Based on the exceptional service, deals, and concept, there is no reason why FreedomPop won’t reach the number one level in the industry. A good FreedomPop review does reveal all the reasons why the company is doing so well. The most blatant and clear reason is FreedomPop offers free — really free — service on its basic plan. A minimal amount of phone, text, and data are available on the free plan. Honestly, if the consumer doesn’t talk on the phone much and mainly communicates via text, 200 minutes per month is more than adequate.

The free option is not the only service plan available. Anyone who requires significantly more service per month can pay $10.99 or $19.99 for unlimited monthly phone and text with 500 MB and 1 GB allotments respectively. Another option is the free Wi-Fi hotspot service that only costs a nominal monthly amount. A quick trip to a hotspot allows for making easy calls or accessing the internet. There are millions of FreedomPop hotspots that serve FreedomPop and many of them are easy to find, big name retail stores and fast food chains.

Those on the free plan could also purchase extra data or pay to roll over unused data. Topping up for an additional $10 is an option. FreedomPop has made it very easy for those hoping to get the maximum benefits from their membership. Making sure customers have upgrade options keeps customers happy and also keeps FreedomPop’s revenue streams strong.

And then there is the arrival of FreedomPop internet. Customers seeking “100% free internet” via a “LTE hotspot” can go for the 500 MB plan. The Pro 500 MB and Premium 2 GB plans come with economical monthly fees along with a one-month free trials.

A smartphone is needed — no surprise — to access FreedomPop service. The company’s SIM card should fit any decent smartphone. Speaking of decent smartphones, FreedomPop sells quite a number of them. The prices are often quite reduced and add to the fine deals the company is known for.

FreedomPop also gets very high marks for its customer service. Making payments or changing plans should not be a hassle. FreedomPop has instituted policies to ensure being a customer of the company remains perfectly hassle free. Upgrades or even downgrades could be done without any worries.

Norka Luque’s Music is Full of Hope

It’s not often that Emilio Estefan Jr., Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, and Hermanos Gaitán, get excited when they hear an artist sing. But when that group heard Norka Luque sing for the first time, they knew she was going to be a star. The men were so impressed that Norka was signed to a record deal. Her single, Milagro, is a hit in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Milagro raced up the Latin Music Billboard Dance Charts like it was on fire. Milagro is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean vibes, and Mediterranean flair.


Norka’s musical career didn’t start with recording Milagro. She has been singing for more than 20 years. The road to meeting Estefan, Pena, and the other composers was an interesting, but a difficult one. Artists that make it to the top don’t arrive at that destination overnight. Norka started singing at age eight, in Venezuela. Her parents moved to Florida so she could study voice and piano while she attended middle and high school. The Luque’s encouraged their daughter to go to France to get a business degree. Norka did that. She earned a degree in business, fashion design, and the culinary arts. When she wasn’t studying, she was the lead singer in a funky group called, “Bad Moon Rising.” Norka’s voice kept the dance floor full in the dingy French clubs. But she didn’t make enough money to live, so she got a job in Monte Carlo’s financial district.


Ricky Martin had an impact on Norka’s career in 2007. She went to a Martin concert, and she knew she had to go home to Florida and sing again. When she got a job in Miami as a nightclub singer, things started to happen. Her name was mentioned in Latin music recording studios in Miami, and eventually, Estefan heard her name. It only took one recording session for Estefan to sign her to a record deal.


Suddenly, Norka Luque’s name was mentioned on Latin music radio stations. In 2011, she was nominated for the Latin music female vocalist of the year award. Her career was red hot, and her record was being played in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Her 2016 hit Tomorrowland is another crossover hit. Tomorrowland brings the message of hope to the people that need it. All of Norka’s music is positive and filled with hope. Norka spread love through her music.

Get Smooth Healthy Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Soft sultry lips is on the agenda of everyone that is cautious about their appearance. Do you feel like chapstick is not getting the job done against the threat of the cold or the dry heat of the summer? You’re right, EOS lip balm has been chosen 10 to 1 over chapstick products in a recent article. EOS lip balm leaves your lips smooth the entire day with no harsh aftertaste. However, individuals have complained that chapstick eventually cakes up on their lips and requires multiple applications. Best of all, EOS lip balm products are easily affordable for most budgets.

Many wearers aren’t aware of the fact that chapstick has petroleum that eventually dries out your lips instead of maintaining your luster. EOS products contains the healing ingredients of shea butter without the other harsh additives associated with EOS products. The new millennial generation is choosing EOS products because it saturates their lips with all natural ingredients that don’t require multiple reapplications throughout the day. For generations users flocked the aisles looking for a tube of chapstick until Evolution of Smooth took over shelf space, by popular demand in pastel colored orb containers available for both men and women. These products are sold by online retailers Lucky Vitamin and the popular Ulta.

Evolution of Smooth

– Shea Butter

– Honey Dew

– Raspberry

– Mint kisser

and much more…

Evolution of Smooth has its famous wearers that include Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. You can now have the sultry lips that you admire from your favorite television celebrity, musician, or reality television star. EOS lip balms fit comfortably in your pocket, purse, or makeup bag. Evolution of Smooth appeals to anyone that is interested in organic or all natural products for their lips. They have you covered when your looking for a product with no harsh chemicals and long lasting staying power.

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Securus Technologies Earns Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

For businesses both large and small, the need for positive reviews, good public relations, and good word of mouth is very important. Just as important is positive information from unbiased third party organizations that provide information to consumers. One of the most well known third party providers of information regarding businesses is the Better Business Bureau.


For many decades, the Better Business Bureau has been an excellent source of information for consumers concerning the level of customer service and business performance that is provided by companies. The Better Business Bureau does not align itself with any companies that it provides information about and the companies are not required to supply information to the Better Business Bureau.


Recently Securus Technologies received accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Receiving the recognition from the Better Business Bureau as an accredited company with an A+ rating is an important achievement for Securus Technologies. The recognition from the Better Business Bureau lets consumers know that Securus Technologies is a company that can be looked at to provide a level of service and support that the Better Business Bureau considers good.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides various services and products such as incident management , emergency assistance, analysis, communication, and information administration. The company offers its products and services to a variety of agencies that includes community safety, prison facilities, and law.


Securus technologies has standards in place that meet or exceed the standards levels required by the Better Business Bureau related to customer service and business performance. In addition, Securus Technologies trains its employees regarding good customer service and performance techniques.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides products and services in a competitive industry. I think that the accreditation and A+ rating that the company recently received from the Better Business Bureau will help the company in a variety of ways.



Jose’ Borghi, a Brazilian Advertising Mogul

Jose’ Borghi is the Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, an American advertising communications network located in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Borghi is recognized and acknowledged as an influential figure in the rapidly growing Brazilian advertising industry. He has created a number of highly influential advertising campaigns that have done well over the years. These advertisements include Mammal Parmalat, an advertisement that featured children dressed in outfits similar to stuffed animals and sung memorable tunes as well as the Sazoon campaign that entailed Luciano and Zeze di Carmago hit song, ‘It’s love’. These advertisements were amazing and they are still recalled to date.

Beginning of Borghi’s success journey

Borghi’s success started from a point of doubt. He was unable to figure out what career to pursue basing on his interest and passion. While studying in high school, Borghi was invited by his sister to the Cannes Neves Theater to watch a presentation that focused on awarding commercial Vts that had managed to win different awards during the Cannes Film Festival. This invitation to the presentation was aimed at assisting José decide on what to do with his own life. At the end of the show, Borghi was very inspired and he knew that advertising was the way to go for his lifelong career. However, he could not foresee that in the future he would win an amazing award at Cannes.

Establishment of Mullen Lowe Agency

Jose Borghi was born and raised in Presidente Prudente. He went to PUC Campinas where he managed to graduate with great grades in marketing and advertising. In 1989, José Borghi began his very first job at Standard Ogivilty Agency. With outstanding and extensive skills in advertising, he raised the bar and began working with prominent and leading advertising agencies such as Talent, FCB, LZo Burnett and DM9/DDB. With similar dreams and ambition, Jose Borghi and Erh Ray partnered to establish BorghiErh from scratch. Through hard work and commitment, the two partners managed to lead the firm in the best way and eventually brought lots of success. With impressing returns, BorghiErh was bought by Lowe and officially changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2006. Since then, Borghi Lowe gained further recognition in both the domestic and global markets. Recently, Borghi Lowe consolidated with Mullen Group along with Lowe$ Partners to form Mullen Lowe Brasil, an amazing ad agency at


From the beginning of his promising career, José has managed to achieve lots of success. Some of the notable accolades he has won for Brazilian advertising include 15 Awards from April Advertising and 14 Cannes Award among others.