The Charitable Acts of Dick DeVos in Michigan

The DeVos family is amongst the most popular establishments in West Michigan. The family’s popularity emanates from their acts of charity in Michigan. In a report published by Forbes magazine, the family has given a total of $1.2 billion. In 2014, the family donated an estimated $94 million. This estimated figure only accounts for donation amounts that reached the recipients.


Dick DeVos has served the business industry with excellence in executive positions. Besides being a successful businessman, he has also been supporting different community-based organizations in Michigan. Recently, he launched a program known as Build Character Today, Lead Tomorrow. The program mentors West Michigan Boy Scouts to serve in science and technology industry.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

The organization serves as a platform that facilitates financial support and partnering between the wealthy families and community-based organizations that contribute to local and global development. Dick DeVos families were inspired to create the foundation in a bid to support communities in their hometown.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation support civic organizations, religious groups, business organizations, and artistic groups based in Michigan with emphasis on those operating in the Grand Rapid area. Amongst the organizations that have benefited from the foundation’s donations include Helen DeVos Children Hospital, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Mars Hill Bible Church, and numerous art-based organizations.


The foundation also runs a scholarship program known as The Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship that was started in 2008. The scholarship program sponsors master students from developing countries at Thunderbird School of Management. They also run a similar scholarship program for master students who wish to take a masters program based on entrepreneurship in Northwood University.


He started a grand action project that teamed up with government officials in setting goals, giving financial and professional support, and initiating empowerment programs in the Grand Rapids area. The Grand Action project was also aimed at abolishing development setbacks in an area where authorities previously started projects that did not succeed. For the project to succeed, Dick DeVos brought together 50 community and civic leaders to form a group that was responsible for setting the development targets.


Dick DeVos has authored a book titled Rediscovering American Values. The book acts as a guide to inspire people to make achievements by embracing values like self-discipline, hard work, and charity. He believes that people can make better life accomplishments by being responsible for their fate and pursuing their life goals.