Three Undergraduates Turn Their Vision Into Reality

Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru are the three disciplined undergraduates from Georgetown behind Sweetgreen, the healthy table salad chain based out of Washington. Sweetgreen-spelled with one backwards “e” and in all lower case letters, has stores in Boston,New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

Nathaniel Ru is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO with his colleagues, Nicolas, and Jonathan. Most of us have heard the old advice that it’s not a good idea to work with family or be friends with your co-workers. But because of their close bond they’ve been able to do something they love together and be successful at it, and prove that to be an old wife’s tale.

It all started when Nathaniel and his friends were always finding themselves challenged to find places that offer healthy, fun and easy things to eat. The three friends wanted to open a restaurant that offered all these things, so people can have healthier choices.

The trio found the perfect tavern space to begin their company but when Ru called the landlord and explained their vision, she hung up on him. Determined to not take no for an answer, he or one of his roommates continued to call until she finally agreed to meet with them. Dressed in a suit with business plan in hand, (something he never does!) he was prepared only to receive the go-ahead. He convinced her that this might actually work and three and a half weeks later they were able to get started on their venture. The eatery has grown to a total of 21 in just six years.

Nathaniel strongly believes in the importance of passion and purpose and to invest your heart into what you want to do. He believes it’s important that you only hire the best people and to treat them accordingly.

Also a huge believer in community Ru has found that financial success came from stores with teams working the longest together and in this age of technology, the best marketing still remains personal.

Beginning with only one shop in Georgetown in 2007 and with the financial help of 40 friends and family, the Sweetgreen farm-to-table restaurant chain has only grown. They’ve now expanded to 31 nationwide are expected to grow to be 40 by the end of the year. Their three rounds of venture capital funding now totals $95 billion. All because three undergraduates had a vision.



Essential Details Pertaining Medicare Advantage Plans and Physician Practice Services

Medicare Advantage entails medical insurance coverage, which targets individuals who are eligible for Medicare as well as senior citizens. Private companies provide this type of medical plans instead of the federal government. Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans, Special Needs Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service Plans and Preferred Provider Organizations are some of the common types of Medicare Advantage Plans at

Although the Medicare Advantage plans are commonly referred to as Part C, they offer Part A as well as Part B medical coverage except for hospice care. Part A involves hospital insurance whereas Part B entails medical insurance. However, some of the plans offer Part D coverage, the prescription drug coverage.

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage Plans with InnovaCare Health requires a person to meet various prerequisites such as having Medicare Part A and B coverage, living in the plan’s service area as well as being free from end-stage renal disease. Individuals interested in such plans can get the desired plan through an online plan finder tool whereby they can enroll through online means. To sign up, individuals require obtaining proper details pertaining their Medicare card such as the dates when Part A and Part B coverage started as well as the Medicare card number.

Physician Practice Services

Management Services Organizations offer physician practice services, which involves the administration and management of a medical business on Services provided by service providers in this line of work assist in relieving medical professionals from non-medical activities or functions in a bid to concentrate on clinical or medical activities. In most cases, they offer billing services, which involved undertaking tasks pertaining revenue cycle management.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is an entity that offers physician practice services as well as managed healthcare services. It has portrayed a commitment to creating and maintaining sustainable and cost-effective models that are integrated with the latest technology. MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice are InnovaCare’s key Medicare Advantage plans. Both plans are acknowledged for hosting a membership of approximately 200,000 individuals.

Richard Shinto is one the executive leaders at InnovaCare credited for its success. He serves as the CEO and president of the company. Previously, Rick Shinto was Aveta’s president before moving to InnovaCare. He has also worked for other entities such as the Medical Management for MedPartners. Further, Shinto prides himself as a shrewd author of healthcare and clinical medicine.

Serving as the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides/ highly experienced in managed healthcare services. Some of the entities Penelope has served in her past include Centerlight and AmeriChoice. She also holds several master’s degrees from numerous universities such as the New York University.

Interesting Changes In the Works Along The World’s Longest Boardwalk

Headed by Chris Paladino, DEVCO, more formally known as Atlantic City Development Corporation, serves as a means to reclaim and refurbish down-trodden properties, especially currently closed casinos. The overall purpose of this endeavor is to enhance the world’s longest boardwalk. One targeted business to be reclaimed is Trump Plaza.
A recent Press of Atlantic City article indicates that the city’s PILOT bill is still intact. Codes of this bill indicate that Atlantic City is slated to receive $120 million annually for the next 10 years from casino operations.

The underlying purpose of Devco is to make Atlantic City a safer, more user-friendly vacation destination as well as to attract new year-round residents, especially families with school-age children. It could be said that the main goal of DEVCO is to foster a community aura. In the pipeline, are plans for the construction of a new medical training facility and long-term healthcare entities.

Current DEVCO concerns include the Heldrich Hotel project. A Press of Atlantic City article ironically dated February 29, 2016, highlights an ongoing dispute between Middlesex County Improvement Authority and CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) relative to a loan whose current interest totals $20 million. Originally instituted in 2005, repayment statistics indicate a 5-year payment lapse resulting in $7 million in arrears.

As overseer of new projects valued at $200 million, CRDA’s portion of DEVCO totals $19.5 million. Current focus revolves around the Heldrich Hotel refurbishment that includes 235 guest accommodations whose current usage is estimated at 63.5 percent. According to an attorney who represents both DEVCO and CRDA, the imploding of this cash-needy business resulted for CRDA to put up $776,000 due to the inability of hotel revenue to repay the loan.

The Charitable Acts of Dick DeVos in Michigan

The DeVos family is amongst the most popular establishments in West Michigan. The family’s popularity emanates from their acts of charity in Michigan. In a report published by Forbes magazine, the family has given a total of $1.2 billion. In 2014, the family donated an estimated $94 million. This estimated figure only accounts for donation amounts that reached the recipients.


Dick DeVos has served the business industry with excellence in executive positions. Besides being a successful businessman, he has also been supporting different community-based organizations in Michigan. Recently, he launched a program known as Build Character Today, Lead Tomorrow. The program mentors West Michigan Boy Scouts to serve in science and technology industry.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

The organization serves as a platform that facilitates financial support and partnering between the wealthy families and community-based organizations that contribute to local and global development. Dick DeVos families were inspired to create the foundation in a bid to support communities in their hometown.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation support civic organizations, religious groups, business organizations, and artistic groups based in Michigan with emphasis on those operating in the Grand Rapid area. Amongst the organizations that have benefited from the foundation’s donations include Helen DeVos Children Hospital, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Mars Hill Bible Church, and numerous art-based organizations.


The foundation also runs a scholarship program known as The Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship that was started in 2008. The scholarship program sponsors master students from developing countries at Thunderbird School of Management. They also run a similar scholarship program for master students who wish to take a masters program based on entrepreneurship in Northwood University.


He started a grand action project that teamed up with government officials in setting goals, giving financial and professional support, and initiating empowerment programs in the Grand Rapids area. The Grand Action project was also aimed at abolishing development setbacks in an area where authorities previously started projects that did not succeed. For the project to succeed, Dick DeVos brought together 50 community and civic leaders to form a group that was responsible for setting the development targets.


Dick DeVos has authored a book titled Rediscovering American Values. The book acts as a guide to inspire people to make achievements by embracing values like self-discipline, hard work, and charity. He believes that people can make better life accomplishments by being responsible for their fate and pursuing their life goals.